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Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Marrakesh

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Things looking a little bleak? Spice up your spring with a memorable Marrakesh break, with a flight time of only three and half hours and average April temperatures of 20°C, the Red City is a top destination for a long weekend. This beguiling city has much more to charm you with than the infamous snake charmers of Jemaa el-Fnaa, and is a treasure trove packed …

Wowcher’s Guide to Skiing in Bulgaria


If you’re keeping a close eye on those purse strings but don’t want to miss out on a snowy getaway this year, we’ve got just the ticket. Forget those swanky ‘Val de whatsitsname’ ski resorts in the Alps, because it’s all about skiing in Bulgaria these days. Don’t believe us? Well, how does one-quid pints, slap-up meals for a fiver and a top-notch après-ski scene …

The Wowcher Guide to Anti-Valentine’s Days Destinations

Anti-valentines day destinations

That dreaded day of the year is fast approaching, where that little boy Cupid with the nappy and arrow (anyone else find that weird?) will be shooting some of those blasted romance arrows around. The Valentine’s Day cards and all that commercial, plastic pink and red tat is one thing, but what on earth is with the Valentine’s Day holidays? Paris, Venice and Rome, blah …