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Wowcher’s Feel-Good Story of the Week

It’s easy to get bogged down in trivial events each week, whether it’s getting barged on a tube at rush hour, missing your train home, dropping your precious iPhone on the floor or (God forbid) spilling your tea. But every so often we hear some news that makes us forget those insignificant things and thoroughly brightens our day…


A short while ago we started working with Vet Nurse Direct, a fantastic company that offers a range of online animal care courses teaching pet owners how to properly care for their four-legged friends. We Brits love our pets, so unsurprisingly the deals we ran with them were a huge success. Not only did sales go through the roof, with ladies and gents from the Royal Veterinary College even buying the deal, but Vet Nurse Direct were flooded with emails from pet owners and pet care professionals alike declaring how much courses had helped. Having hundreds of people across the country learn to administer first aid on their pooches and pussy cats is a feel-good story in itself, but there’s more.


With a healthy helping of sales comes a healthy helping of money. But, being passionate about pet care, Vet Nurse Direct didn’t put the money towards an extravagant work Christmas party or a trip to the Maldives, they used it to buy a pet ambulance instead! With no national health scheme for pets, they felt it was a much-needed service, giving pet owners the opportunity to have their animals transported to the vet or the groomers safely and without stress.


To help sick and injured animals is a hugely admirable pursuit, and we were so thrilled to have played a part in Vet Nurse Direct buying this ambulance and achieving their goal. And don’t forget, if you purchased one of their courses you helped pay for this ambulance, too! Who knows, you may have unknowingly helped save a spaniel, care for a Cheshire cat or rescue a rabbit. Now that’s what we call a happy ending!


Please note: All deals featured may not be live. But with fab new deals added daily, make sure you keep checking!

Top 5 money-saving apps you need right now!


Piggybank and calculator. Isolated on white background


We don’t know about you, but here at Wowcher, we love saving a bit of cash. Whether it’s money off the latest beauty treatments, savings on a fabulous European mini-break or great discounts on romantic candlelit dinners at the hottest night spots, we never get tired of a bargain!

But you don’t just have to save on the occasional treat, as there’s plenty of everyday ways to save a bit of cash, from your phone bill to your weekly shop. All you have to do is check out our handy money-saving guide. Smartphones at the ready…


5. 08 Wizard

Angry bearded man screaming into the phone

Want to avoid the additional charges for calling 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers? Well, thanks to the handy 08 Wizard, you can make sky-high phone bills a thing of the past. The app works by switching 08 calls with an 01 or 02 landline number, so the call becomes inclusive as part of your contract’s free minutes – or at least at a lower rate if you’re on pay-as-you-go. (79p from the AppStore).


4. Tip N Split

Tip on a restaurant table

Yeah, that’s right – you can say goodbye to watching your friends frantically dividing the bill between 15 and getting it hopelessly wrong before you snap and just pay the thing yourself! Tip N Split calculates how to split your bill evenly (including service charge), which means no more miscalculation, no more fuss, and a little more cash in your pocket come home time. (Download for free).


3. Foodmatic

Woman eats night stole the refrigerator

Too much month at the end of the money? We’ve all been there! Luckily, when you’ve got a week until payday and the cupboards are looking a bit bare, Foodmatic can help you get creative with what’s left. All you have to do is enter the ingredients and the app gives you the best meal you can make with what you’ve got. That means no waste, no extra trips to the supermarket and a (hopefully) fabulous culinary creation – brilliant! (79p from the AppStore)


2. Red Laser

Sale in Supermarket. a woman is shopping.

Red Laser transforms your smartphone into your very own barcode scanner, allowing you to price-check items across online and offline stores. If you find what you’re after cheaper on the app, you can get it delivered to your home or arrange to pick it up from a local store. You’ll wonder why you even left the house in the first place! (Free from the AppStore)


1. Wowcher!


Oh come on, didn’t you see this one coming? Where do we start when it comes to saving with Wowcher? Beauty treatments, great days out, gifts for loved ones, the savings never end! But it’s not just about treats, as there’s plenty of amazing essentials you can save on too – from toilet roll and cleaning products to the latest mobile phones and tablets (hey, they’re essential!). Whatever makes you say wow, you’ll find it all on the app!

Download the Wowcher app for free for iPhone or Android.

Wowcher gets high with Virgin at Bristol International Balloon Festival!

Friday AM Flight - View

Nestled in the rolling Somerset countryside, every year the picturesque Ashton Court plays host to The Bristol International Balloon Festival – Europe’s largest hot air balloon event. And this year, a few Wowcher elves were lucky enough to be among the visitors!

This year’s festival, the 37th annual event, proved to be a record-breaking spectacular, with around 500,000 turning out across four days to see seven mass ascents up into the sun-kissed skyline. We’re told that thanks to the glorious weather, it was in fact the first time in the festival’s history that all seven scheduled flights were able to go ahead. Just goes to show you can always count on the great British summertime – perfect weather conditions at just the 37th time of asking…

But these brave Wowcher elves weren’t just spectators – oh no, this year we got the chance to slip the surly bonds of earth and take to the skies for real! After all, what better way to drink in the breathtaking British countryside than in a hot air balloon?

At first, the thought of being suspended hundreds of feet above the earth in a basket, was, well, a wee bit unnerving. But speaking to our pilot, Virgin Balloon Flights’ very-own Mark Simmons, our, shall we say, anxieties were quickly allayed. A veteran of the skies, having flown all over the world (once with Richard Branson himself), Mark said the event was one of his favourite places to fly. And if he can be trusted to ferry around one of the world’s most beloved billionaires, we knew we must be in pretty good hands.


With typical Virgin panache, our balloon was of course among the most spectacular sights at the fiesta. Ascending alongside other balloons of all shapes and sizes, the iconic red balloon you’ve likely seen a hundred times gliding across the skyline must have looked pretty cool from down below. Other balloons at the fiesta included none other than a giant Minion (those things are everywhere nowadays) and even the event’s famous Power Ranger balloons. As much as children at the event may have been thrilled to see the Despicable Me franchise’s favourite sidekick ascend, it’s nothing compared to our thrill at seeing some genuine Mighty Morphin’ heroes take to the skies. Naturally, the theme song was stuck in our head for the rest of the day. Not quite the soundtrack to stunning aerial views of the countryside we had in mind at the beginning of the day, but never mind, eh?

View of Bristol

Speaking of children, the fiesta also featured a very special guest – Peppa Pig! Joining the team at the Virgin Balloons exhibitors stand, everybody’s favourite cheeky piggy was on hand for photo opportunities and was even handing out hot air balloon goodie bags to her fans. Speaking to Peppa herself, we enquired if she’d be getting up in an air balloon on the day. She replied “When pigs fly!” much to our confusion. Only kidding, although she did say, “it’s snout my style”. Kidding again. Peppa in fact used to have a fear of flying, she’s cured now though…

Peppa pig

Nothing less than an unforgettable day of high-flying fun and spectacular views, a flight with Virgin Balloons is really something you have to experience first-hand to believe. If you haven’t booked with Wowcher yet, now’s a good time – you don’t want this experience to fly straight over your head!

5-Course Tasting Menu @ Beehive Place, Brixton

Despite being a firm believer in having a separate stomach for mains and desserts, I’ll admit I was apprehensive as I approached Beehive Place for a five-course dinner. Never before had I faced a multi-course meal of such proportions, and visions of being carried out on a stretcher with a bulbous stomach or airlifted to the nearest hospital tormented my appetite. Or worse: I pictured dishes so microscopic they had to be eaten with a magnifying glass and cocktail stick. Would I be stuffed or starved?

The Beehive Place dining room

The Beehive Place dining room

Luckily, neither was the case. I was swiftly seated and before I had time to even fully imagine a Heston-esque laboratory of bubbling Blumenthal potions behind the Beehive Place kitchen door, it opened. The first dish had arrived – ‘Isle of Man’ crab, radish, baby gem and wild fennel tops. I timidly nibbled the baby gem, waiting for a puff of smoke and a cackling chef to appear. But they never did, and the only explosion to speak of was the flavour; the sweep of fennel foliage was sweet and aromatic, bringing the other ingredients to life. This was quickly followed by ‘New Laithe Farm’ lamb, nettle, broad beans and foraged sweet cicely, with meat so tender that a baby could eat and excrete it without batting an eyelid. This was no slap-up supper club.

'New Laithe Farm' lamb, nettle, broad beans and foraged sweet cicely

‘New Laithe Farm’ lamb, nettle, broad beans and foraged sweet cicely

Throughout the evening, the food was artfully presented and carefully constructed. From bull’s blood to buttermilk, each of the five courses experimented with ingredients unfamiliar to myself and my fridge. Even regular vegetables were vastly improved – the elegant spears of asparagus were far finer than the tough old buds I cook at home. Beehive Place’s scrupulous sourcing of ingredients and mantra of serving food ‘with passion, not pretension’ was evident with every bite. The informal setting – a converted hayloft in Brixton with communal wooden tables and not a hint of white linen – was evocative of a casual meal round a friend’s house, despite a menu packed with fine dining delights.

Not to discredit Beehive Place’s chefs, but perhaps the best part of the evening was my noticeable lack of food envy. Since everyone was served the same five courses (bar a few vegetarians who were adequately catered for) everyone dined on the same food, leaving no room for my usual indecision and attack of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). I left absolutely satisfied, but not satiated. Would I return? Definitely.

The Beehive Place pop-up runs until the end of June so book your place quick and look out for more tasting menus and pop-up adventures on

Please note – all deals featured may not be live.

Wowcher Lends A Hand At SMART

Last week the Wowcher team went down to St Mary Abbots Rehabilitation and Training (SMART for short) to make ourselves useful as part of Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea’s Business & Community Together initiative.

Established in 1985, SMART aims to provide a holistic approach to supporting people with mental health needs, be it through finding suitable employment opportunities, offering a place for people to come together to socialise, or organising activities and courses varying from playing in a band to learning how to garden. And that’s where we came in! With the SMART garden needing a little bit of love, we left our home at Wowcher Towers and set off to help with the garden beds and flowers…plus anything else we could get our hands on!  Read more

The Blog That Sucks: Wowcher’s Guide to Vacuum Cleaners!

Let’s face it, you can’t expect to be a bona fide domestic goddess (or god, of course) without a vacuum cleaner. Like the ironing board, tumble dryer and 7-in-one-steam mop, a house ain’t quite a home without it. But today’s brave new world of fancy futuristic cylinder vacs, cordless spaceship-like devices and annoying Dyson ads is a wee bit more complicated than back in the day, so you should probably get clued up as to which vacuum is going to work for your home. Good thing you’ve got Wowcher, huh?

Read more

Hair-raisingly good fun with chalk…

Copywriter Rose goes for Wowcher pink (naturally) with her hair chalks...

Copywriter Rose goes for Wowcher pink (naturally) with her hair chalks…

So you’ve gone brown, blonde and black, but what next? We think summery hues are far more exciting than our natural hair, so we’ve been experimenting with funky hair chalks in the Wowcher office. Hey, if it’s good enough for Kelly O, it’s certainly good enough for us! Perfect for indecisive ladies and commitment-phobes everywhere, you can transfrom your locks with wash-out colour meaning if you change your mind, your original ‘do is only a shower away. Our favourite so far has to be punky pink dipped onto the ends of hair for a subtle yet summery style – just the look that bagged Little Mix’s Perrie her One Direction man! If you’re more of a lilac lady, try rubbing stylish pale purple throughout your locks, or why not get bold with baby blue? So if you like the idea of adding some colour to your summer ‘do, just click here!

Calling all graduates – Wowcher needs you!


Established in 2011 Wowcher is now the second largest daily deal site in the UK – we’re constantly growing and that’s why we need people like you to join us. The bright pink bubble that is Wowcherland can be found in Kensington, London where the majority of our fun and fabulous team reside. Complete with bar, Playstation and table tennis table – it’s safe to say it’s not your average office! Sound good? Have a look at the job specs attached…Commercial & Marketing Analyst Deals Analyst Intern Email Marketing Intern Graduate Developer Social Media Intern Telesales Market Research Intern