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Wowcher vs Oucher: Makeup



With video tutorials and step-by-step guides teaching you how to look like everyone from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift, we believe makeup isn’t about what you apply but how you apply it.

Rather than forking out on expensive products and hoping for the best, we encourage a thrifty attitude to beauty that makes the most of technique and application. Do some research, take an online course or attend a makeup workshop to get to grips with the basics, and soon you’ll be comfortable creating new looks with bolder palettes. It could transform even your most well-worn outfits into a brand new look!


First things first – if you’re going to try out new makeup looks, you’re going to need a proper set of tools! Forget those old spongy eyeshadow applicators crumbling in the bottom of your makeup bag (you know who you are…) and get your hands on this 10-piece bamboo kabuki makeup brush set. With everything you need to apply your whole face, from the everyday base to more fabulous finishing touches, these bargain brushes hold their own in a market of pricey products, such as this Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection. Handmade with super soft bristles and natural bamboo handles, they even come with a handy case, so they’re perfect for showing off your new-found skills on the go!


Girls con-tour!

The rise of contouring doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. A favourite of the glamorous Kardashian sisters, it’s the perfect way to sculpt razor-sharp cheekbones to rival Mossy’s, define your jawline and even create a thinner-looking nose.

With both cream and powder palettes on offer, we suggest you stick with what works for you. If you’re used to a mineral foundation (a better option for oily skin), we reckon you’d be best off adding shading using powders too. Take this Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit, for instance – it’s great for adding definition, but doesn’t hold up against our XL powder contouring palette with a whopping six shades to help you on your quest to chiselled cheekbones!

Those of you with drier skin might want to veer away from powders, which can dehydrate and highlight flaky, cracked skin. This cream-based palette may be the ideal alternative. It boasts 15 brilliant shades, and it comes with a set of bamboo eye makeup brushes too!

Come out of the shadows!

When the time comes to get your glad-rags on, we reckon it’s about what feels good, and if that classic LBD is still the one, who are we to stand in the way of true love? We simply suggest you give that well-loved and well-worn garment a face lift – your face, to be precise! We’re firm believers that doing something different to your everyday makeup routine when it really counts can update your look in an instant.


Add a pop of colour to your eyes, bring a plain outfit to life and rock a look that really shows you’re confident! Take this 120-colour eyeshadow palette, for example: with so many colour combinations to experiment with, it’s the perfect addition to your makeup collection. With bright colours similar to this Urban Decay Vice palette (but with even more variety and colour options), we think it’s a steal!

Whet your palette

If bright colours are going too far when it comes to stepping outside of the makeup box, take it down a notch with a look that’s less striking and more smoking! How about one of these W7 eyeshadow palettes for an understated, smoky smoulder that still packs plenty of drama? With five different palettes to choose from, it’s a no brainer when compared with the popular (yet pricey) Urban Decay Naked Palettes.


If you’re simply not quite ready to tackle bolder looks then don’t worry, a neutral nude or some glam glitter can still add definition to the eye, with less chance of a makeup mishap! These glitter eyeshadow palettes can add a sweep of colour and a touch of sparkle to vamp up any look. With two palettes made from a combination of neutral and subtle colour shades (similar to those featured in Urban Decay’s Moondust collection), we think they’re a sure-fire winner given they can all be found in one pretty palette!

Get in line

Eyeshadow demands a little skill to put together killer colour combinations and blend to perfection. So if you’re looking to experiment with colour but fear the outcome may be more eyeshad-oh-dear-god, we think we might just have the answer. This fabulous set of 24 eye and lip liners combine the basic blacks, browns and grey eyeliners with a gorgeous green, blue, purple and even a couple of metallics for good measure. Similar to the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, we think these colours are much more wearable, not to mention super versatile for makeup newbies.


Cleverly selected to mix and match with most lip colours, the orange, nude, pink, red and brown lip liners can be paired with a variety of lipsticks, glosses and tints to produce a pout you’re truly proud of. Take these Maxfactor Lipfinity lip tints and these NYC Lipsticks – they’re an ideal way to quickly transform your everyday makeup look to an evening showstopper, adding an injection of glamour in a flash. Gorgeous!

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Wowcher’s Scottish Jargon Buster!


The Wowcher Guide to Surviving Dry January


30 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except February alone (which has 28 days clear and 29 in each leap year).

Then why, you cry, must we endure Dry January? Why not February? 31 days is a long time. 744 hours, to be precise. That’s a 44640-minute dryathalon we’re talking about (not that we’ve been counting). But let’s face it, we all know the reason behind January’s proposed drought is December’s overindulgence. Whether you had a free beer or a free bar at last month’s work Christmas party, we’re sure both you and your liver suffered the next day, poor mites. So if you’ve blindly surrendered to Dry January and can’t help wondering how you’re going to withstand the final hurdle, we’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks to make your parched plight a little easier.



Smoothie Operator

Rather than reaching for ‘alcohol-free alcohol’ or ‘mocktails’ (that’s begging for a bandwagon blunder), whip up a delicious smoothie in minutes with a blender. Throw in as much fruit as you like, plus honey, vanilla, and even coffee for a morning kick. If you’d rather take the rough with the smooth, we like to add a dash of crunch in the form of coconut flakes, biscuit crumbs or chocolate chips. So what if our favourite smoothie recipe resembles that of a cheesecake? Our stomachs are ecstatic and our livers are loving life! You certainly won’t miss the taste of the hard stuff after savouring something this smooth…

Amen to AM

How many times have you had to abandon brunch plans because you’re too hungover the morning after the night before? Don’t you remember Christina Milian’s mantra? Like a pillar of energy, Milian would party from AM to PM, putting us slovenly morning sleepers to shame. So if you haven’t seen a Sunday morning – at least not the conventional way round – for a good few months, Dry January is the perfect opportunity to start making morning plans (with strictly NO booze-induced cancellations). Time to start praising (NOT raising your glass to) the morn!



Start the morning by whipping up a delicious breakfast with a slick omelette maker, before you do those workout videos your jelly legs couldn’t handle after Mad Friday. Make your mornings last, discover dawn (what is this curious glow in the sky?), and relish the freedom of not having a throbbing head. Just remember, the early bird catches the worm. And we all love worms.



Buddy Up

Motivating yourself is hard, so if you haven’t already done so, recruit a sober sidekick to share your path to sobriety. If you’re unable to convince your usual drinking buddy to become a Dry January buddy, cut them out. Completely. Delete their number and throw away your phone. Throw away their phone so they don’t try to contact you, but promise them you’ll buy the first round in February. If your best bud is smart, they’ll have bagged themselves an anti-gravity phone case, rendering your phone flinging efforts futile.

Get Sponsored

It’s never too late to rally your most philanthropic friends and get a few of them to sponsor your ordeal. By picking a charity and making a public promise to fundraise, you’ll double (no, triple!) your motivation to stay sober and will be left feeling tee-totally generous at the end of the month.

So if you’re tempted to abandon the bandwagon, just try to keep yourself busy (not boozy) and headstrong (not hungover), and you’ll fly through the next twelve days. After all, abstinence makes the liver grow stronger.

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Breaking New Year’s Resolutions



Dictionary definition: Resolution. NounA firm decision to do or not to do something.


What is it about the end of the year that makes us feel like we should suddenly change? We were doing perfectly well eating pizza and watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Netflix in November, thanks very much, but as soon January arrives, the obligation to get off the sofa and do a little jog on the spot kicks in. According to The Guardian this year, about 32% of us have made a New Year’s resolution for 2016, but a whopping 63% of those who took the survey also admitted to breaking one in the past (we’re going to ignore the other 37%, because we think they’re lying). So this year, we’re taking a stand. We’re making the very firm decision NOT to change. Who likes conforming to what’s expected, anyway? Here’s our list of popular New Year’s resolutions that you can resolutely ignore for 2016.

1. Hit your goal weight

This is the big one. The resolution you make every year. You will FINALLY get to your goal weight, slip your lithe frame into a little black dress and post a before and after picture of yourself on Instagram to show the world how fab you look. Eating healthy and exercising is a great thing, and we applaud and salute you for sticking to your goals, but let’s face it – eating like a rabbit is pretty un-hare-able (sorry). It’s a well-known fact that crash diets rarely work, and the happiest, healthiest people are the ones that balance healthy eating with enjoying themselves! So why not make 2016 about eating more? Try new foods, savour your favourites, visit a swanky restaurant and sample different cuisines. Just make sure you take the time to do and eat the things that make you happy – life’s too short not to!


2. Travel the world

You were defs jealous when your friend Beatrice travelled the world in 2006 and posted smug pictures with elephants and baby tigers. You might want to follow in her footsteps and see the world this year, but honestly, it’s also likely that Beatrice was sleeping on a lumpy bed without air con, covered in mosquito bites and dealing with a terrible case of Delhi belly the entire time. Beatrice is a show off. There’s no shame in saving money if you’re on a budget – there’s so many wonderful places to discover in Britain that are often overlooked for warmer (sweatier) climes! Why not relax in a beautiful Cornish castle, stay at a chocolate-box Cotswolds inn or enjoy the best bits of a European city break without leaving the country? 2016 could be the year you fall back in love with Britain, rainy days and all.


3. Meet ‘The One’

You’ve downloaded Tinder, signed up for OkCupid, deleted Plenty of Fish (a string of disasters from start to finish) and shaved your legs for the first time since October. You’re officially ready to go forth into the world and meet your very own Jamie Dornan. If 2016 is the year you’re planning to fall in love and have lots of cute, chubby babies, we wish you godspeed on your noble quest. But you know what? If you don’t meet the right guy this year, that’s also pretty darn great. Focusing solely on yourself and being selfish is fun, and it leaves you free to do all sorts of things, like spending quality time with your friends and making amazing memories. This could be the year you see Adele with the girls, update your CV to nab the job of your dreams or learn a new language! Or, you know, just the year you try and teach your cat how to play Game of Thrones monopoly with you. Whatever.


4. Stop procrastinating

Whenever you sit down to relax, there’s nearly always something else that you tell yourself you should be doing. Yes, it would be wonderful to fulfil your lifelong dream and finish learning that language/knitting that scarf/writing your best-selling novel all in one year, but putting a stop to wasting time actually wastes valuable time that could be spent eating yourself into a coma and having an afternoon nap on the sofa (it’s backwards logic, but we’re sticking to it). Have a hot bath, wrap yourself up in a snuggly blanket, tuck in to some ice cream and get The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on – you deserve it!


So there you have it. 2016: the year you give up on giving up. Happy New Year!

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The Wowcher Guide to Approved Food!


Approved Food is the place to head for great savings on your weekly grocery shop. They work by trading in products with a ‘best before’ date – basically just the manufacturer’s guess of when the product will start to go off. Products range from top brands like Kellogg’s cereal and Cadbury’s chocolate, all the way to household essentials like dog food and washing up liquid. But how exactly does it all work? Doesn’t that mean we just get gone-off food? How do we make the savings? Never fear, today’s handy guide can explain…


But does shopping with Approved Food always beat the big retailers? We did a little comparison to find out (prices correct as of 31st December 2015).


And that’s just some of the top products on offer – Approved Food stocks everything from Typhoo teabags, Evian mineral water and Nescafé coffee to Walkers crisps, Jacobs’ cheddar biscuits and Lucozade – all at fantastic prices. So if you want some of these amazing savings for yourself, all you have to do is click here!

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New Year, New You!


Has the festive season left you feeling sluggish, bloated, sleepy and about one mince pie away from rocking in the corner in a sugar-induced coma? Then it sounds like you need to dedicate some quality time to getting back in touch with your inner loveliness. Out with the old habits, in with the New Year and New You! Here at Wowcher, we’re with you every step of the way, and are going to be trying our gosh-darned hardest to practise what we preach, too! Check out our five steps for New Year magic in 2016…


Step One – Drink more water!

We’re not suggesting you put down the gin and tonic (we really, really love gin and tonics), we’re just saying if you’re going to be working out harder, you want skin that glows or you need a way to ease the sting of that hangover, H20 is the way to go. We’ve got a way to make this one nice and easy – ditch your lunchtime bottle of chemical-licious soft drink and pack your favourite flavours into a fruit-infusing water bottle! With infinite tasty combinations to try, you’ll easily get through your daily two litres. Our favourite mixes include strawberry, basil and cucumber, tropical mango and peach, and watermelon and mint!


Step Two – Get more sleep!

There’s not much use in aiming to change your habits if you’re too knackered to get anything done. An imperative step to giving yourself some TLC and making sure you’re ready and raring to speed down the road to self-improvement is to, quite simply, get enough sleep! Make sure your dreaming is dreamy by shutting out the light with some blackout curtains, snuggling up luxuriously on a Cool Blue memory foam mattress and staying roasty-toasty with a thermal fleece underblanket. (Or, if your sleepless nights are down in part to the snoring wildebeest next to you, might we suggest an orthopaedic anti-snore pillow instead…) You’ll be on track to eight hours before you know it!


Step Three – Do more exercise!

It’s not all about how you look – it’s about how you feel, and we all know that whenever we turn off Netflix, reluctantly lace up our trainers and brave the running track, we end up feeling great. Track your progress with an activity bracelet and make sure you look the part with some beaut new workout trainers, and you’ll be good to go! With great exercise classes cropping up all the time on Wowcher, you’re sure to find something fantastic in a city near you. The hardest step is the one out the front door, remember! (That said, if you really can’t make it over the threshold to the great outdoors, get your hands on some easy-to-use resistance bands, fire up a Spotify workout playlist and crack on with it in your living room.)  


Step Four – Eat better! 

So you’re well rested, totally hydrated and queen of the workout? Claps for you! Now you just have to make sure that you’re fuelling your finesse rather than filling up on fatty snacks and sweet treats that are going to make you lag and stop you reaching your full potential. Get the glow with greens, blending them into a juice or smoothies with a multi-purpose blender, or rustle up hearty and healthy soups in a Morphy Richards soup maker. You can even cut the calories by ditching oil with a FlavorCHEF™ six-in-one cooker, featuring a clamshell design and a non-stick coating. Why not make 2016 the year to try out a firm foodie trend – protein pancakes? These ones even come in white chocolate and raspberry flavour…


Step Five – Add a little boost!

If you’re going full throttle and giving it your all, but you’re looking for a helping hand to max out the chances of hitting your New You peak, why not consider trying out a supplement? From the popular raspberry ketones and colon cleanse capsules to a whole ‘weight management’ and toning bundle, we’ve got a huge range from top, trusted suppliers that aim to help you on your journey.


Secret Step Six – Relax!

Just like your mama always told you, you can only try your best! Sometimes a whole evening binging on Netflix or a night out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered! Give yourself a break when you need one, forget always trying to ‘do more’, have a night off and remember you’re lovely just the way you are. Happy New Year!

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10 Things We’re NOT Looking Forward To This Christmas & New Year

Kiran's byline

Here at Wowcher, we love Christmas – really, we do. But, every year those same nitty gritty things that irritate you surface once again. You may not even notice them because you’re so caught up in a whirl of Christmas spirit, but we’ve come up with a list of ten things we’re not looking forward to this Christmas and new year (bah, humbug):



1. Last-minute shopping: Although shopping online is an absolute lifesaver, there’s always something you forget or don’t want to pay delivery for. So why not quickly pop out and grab it? Surely everyone else has done their Christmas shopping, so it’ll be a really quick trip, right? ABORT ABORT ABORT! Last-minute Christmas shopping is the worst thing you can inflict upon yourself. Trying to zip speedily through a massive crowd is almost impossible. There’s a high chance you’ll get stuck behind those slow walkers who aren’t in any hurry. Or even worse, someone with a buggy that you can’t get around. Why is this woman’s buggy so big? How many kids does she have in there? Is that a dog too? Or worse, those shoppers who get to the till and want to pay with every last penny in their purse… Hello, have you not heard of contactless? Last-minute Christmas shopping is a big no no.



2. Present pressure: It’s all well and good wanting to buy people gifts, but what to get them is usually the biggest brain teaser. You think you know someone well…until it comes to buying them a present. You want it to be a gift they’ll like, but not something that’ll break the bank, yet you don’t want it to look cheap, so where does that leave you? Vouchers? No that’s too simple, that’s the easy route out. What if you risk it all and get something so random that they love it? Or most likely hate it – we can’t stand the pressure!



3. Spending time with family: We mean this in the nicest way possible. Of course spending time with your family is lovely, but seeing those relatives you haven’t crossed paths with since you were six is just a bit awkward. They still pinch your cheeks like it’s cute (it’s not – please don’t touch me), they ask you about your life and what you’re up to now (I’m unemployed and broke, leave me alone) and of course they love comparing you to their own children (I don’t care if Darren won the Nobel Prize, he’s still weird).



4. Gift face: Not only is it hard buying presents for people, it can be hard receiving them too. With an audience watching you unwrap your gift, you have to keep your facial expressions on point and in check. One false move and you can give the game away and that aunt you only see twice a year will know you hate the crochet set she bought you. #Awks.



5. The boy did good hashtags: Okay so your amazing boyf got you a Michael Kors watch or a Louis Vuitton handbag like #woo #yay #ohmygod #bae #loveit #theboydidgood. WE GET IT. Thanks for reminding us singletons that our boy didn’t do good, because we don’t have a boy. Or it reminds those of us who have a boyfriend that the cute cats calendar and jumper (that we probably won’t ever wear) he bought us are totally subpar. #ilovecutecats.



6. The braggers: Those who can’t be humble and happy on the inside but feel the need to share their good news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, MySpace and Bebo. “AHHH OMG I GOT FRONT ROW SEATS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR JUSTIN BEIBER!!” So what? I can watch it on TV in my unicorn onesie while eating a pepperoni pizza smothered in mushrooms, so who’s the real winner here?



7. Snapchat stories of Christmas dinner: Okay we all love to Snapchat, but there’s a select few that take it too far. Too far to the point where you feel like you’re with them every second of their life. Christmas dinner really is a beautiful thing, but instead of letting it get cold for the perfect Snapchat or Instagram photo, just eat it please! You get one big hearty meal a year, don’t ruin it just for a Snapchat story. We definitely don’t care and are too busy stuffing our own faces.



8. Awkward texts: Receiving “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” texts from people you haven’t spoken to all year. Like why are you wishing my Christmas to be merry or my New Year to be happy? You didn’t text me when my fish died so why are you texting me now?



9. Replying to those awkward texts: The tragic thing is, however bah humbug you may be you’ll always feel the need to text people back. But how friendly do you need to be? How many ‘x’s’ to put? How many Christmas emojis to employ? Just a Christmas tree and Santa or both with a present and smiley face? Being social and friendly is actually really difficult.



10. New Year’s Eve enthusiasts: For those of us that are too disorganised to actually make any plans for New Year’s Eve, we hate those who sorted theirs in September. It all becomes too much and you feel the insane pressure to have a good night out just because everyone else is giving you FOMO. I mean, what’s really wrong with watching the fireworks on TV with a glass of Prosecco and going to bed at 12.30am? Absolutely nothing at all, in our book.



So, there you have it! Our grouchy, grumbly list of the things we’re not looking forward to this Christmas and new year. It’s definitely got you thinking though, hasn’t it? We bet you nodded your head and smiled to each of those and thought, “Yeah, that does get on my nerves actually!” But, besides our seasonal pet hates, we really do hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The Wowcher Guide to Travel in 2016!


You can drink more water, sleep longer, run faster, work harder and eat better, but when it comes to New Year’s Eve, all you’re really going to look back on are the memories you’ve made. Make 2016 the year you see the world with your nearest and dearest – as the famous adage goes, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer! We’ve compiled a month-by-month itinerary that will help to get you inspired…

January: Dubai

It’s grey outside, dark when you leave the house and dark when you come home. You’re going to be longing for a bit of sun, sand, shopping and style. So escape to the glitzy panoramas, sleek modernity and unparalleled opulence of Dubai for its famous SHOPPING FESTIVAL! With designer deals, fashionable nights out and weather warm enough for sunbathing, get there before the humidity kicks in and treat your inner diva to a taste of the good life.


February: Iceland

Like it or not, February is synonymous with all things romantic! And what could be dreamier on a little Valentine’s trip than endless snowscapes, quiet nights by the fire and a cracking chance at seeing the Northern Lights! February’s long, dark nights might depress you in the UK, but they’re also perfect for potential Aurora Borealis sightings while you’re snuggled up warm and hand in hand with your favourite plus one! We feel all gooey just thinking about it…

March: Dublin

If you’re not one to turn down a beer or a party, how does three full days of parades, frivolity, costumes, Guinness and music sound? Pretty fantastic, right? Dublin’s 2016 Saint Patrick’s Day parade is intriguingly themed ‘Imagine If…’ and is set to thrill guests from all over the world! Merriment is guaranteed from the world’s experts in good old fashioned craic.


April: Santorini

Santorini is truly as picture-perfect as Pinterest would have you believe. Whitewash buildings and azure domes flank the rugged coastal cliffs, seafood abounds from local tavernas and wineries foster exquisite grapes that slide down nicely with the world famous sunsets. There are only two possible downsides: scorching heat and frantic crowds. Beat them both and travel in warm April just as the island is starting to bustle… perfect!


May: Amsterdam

A city-break staple, if you’ve not yet experienced the chilled out culture of Amsterdam in the springtime, make this your year. Pavement cafés spill out onto the banks of the sparkling canals, where happy locals sip coffee al fresco, cyclists breeze past with nonchalant ease and flower markets lend their floral scent and pantone prettiness to the cobbled streets. And we’re sure we don’t even need to mention the infamous nightlife…


June: Bali

Is there a bad time to visit Bali? Probably not, but if you’re looking for a time when the weather is dry, humidity is low and prices aren’t at their peak, June is a pretty good bet. With average temperatures creeping up to 28°C, you’ll be summertime dreaming and poised to enjoy the spotless beaches, cerulean seas, swaying palm trees, gorgeous sunsets and friendly atmosphere that see Bali topping travel bucket-lists world over.


July: Las Vegas

There’s no city more over the top, more excessive or more glitzy than incredible Las Vegas! And there’s no American holiday more over the top, more excessive or more glitzy than the Fourth of July. Combine the two for the ultimate spectacle featuring decadent pool parties, world-famous casinos, themed cocktails and hotels competing to put on the biggest, brightest, most breathtaking firework displays! With temperatures hitting the high thirties, dig out a red, white and blue bikini and get ready to indulge, USA-style!

August: Blackpool

We really do like to be beside the seaside! When the summer holidays kick in, there’s nowhere better to be than on a good old-fashioned British holiday. There’s no fighting the summer spirit in Blackpool, the universal box ticker that will leave the kids delighted and you able to get away from the office without spending a fortune. Plus, going in August means you’ll probably get a bit of sun…


September: Rome

Roasting temperatures are A-OK when all you want to do is sunbathe, read and drink mojitos, and while these are three of Wowcher’s favourite things, when a city’s got as rich a heritage and as venerable a history as Rome, you’re going to want it to be a little cooler. September is perfect Italy weather: warm and sunny but cool enough to spend all day exploring without diving into air-conditioned shops at twenty-minute intervals. Glide through the meandering streets of the city with ease and unearth ‘la dolce vita’ of the Eternal City, sans sweat.

October: Lake District

October gets a pretty bad rap as a *meh* month in old Blighty, with summer long gone, Christmas far away and only the half-holiday of Halloween to raise our spirits. Well, we’ve got two words for you: Fall foliage. The glorious warm hues of the Lake District reflected in its vast pools, crisp walks through the blazing colours of the season, terrific pub lunches and a cosy room to relax in with your fellow adventurer – what could be better?


November: Tenerife

When the winter blues are kicking in hard and there’s not a drop of sunlight to be found, paradise is only a quick hop, skip and flight away! After the sweltering heat of the summer has cooled and the throngs of holiday tourists have returned to their day jobs, Tenerife still enjoys temperatures in their twenties, swimmable seas and eight hours of gorgeous sunlight every day. With prices dropping after all the schools are back in session, you’re also highly likely to find a smashing deal on Wowcher!


December: New York City
The most wonderful time of the year gets the sparkling VIP treatment in the Big Apple! Visit Santa at the dazzling Santaland at Macy’s, ice skate outside the Rockefeller Centre, gaze in awe at the window displays along Fifth Avenue or live the high life sipping on a decadent festive cocktail at the Plaza. NYC is a magical city year-round and a firm Wowcher favourite, but there is simply no better time to go than holiday season!


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The Wowcher Electronics Jargon Buster!


The Wowcher Guide To False Lashes



False lashes can be the perfect finishing touch to glam up your evening look – get them right like Kylie Jenner and you can propel your look to Hollywood starlet in a f-lash, get them wrong and you could end up looking like Daisy the Cow! Wowcher’s here to show you how to apply your lashes perfectly every time, without fail, in five simple steps with handy images to illustrate each stage as we go… Fabulous!


Stage 1: Once all of your makeup is applied, add a small amount of mascara to strengthen and darken your real lashes to match the falsies.


Stage 2: Carefully add a good amount of glue to the strip and wait for it to dry so the glue is more sticky than wet.


Stage 3: Starting at the centre of your eye and using tweezers if you prefer, stick the strip to your eyelid. Aim to get as close to your lash line as possible.


Stage 4: Using your tweezers (or fingers if you find it easier), press the lashes onto the outer and inner corners of your eyelids.  Hold for a few seconds to make sure they’re stuck.


Stage 5: Press with your fingers for a secure fit and to incorporate with your natural lashes – et voilà!

Get the look: We used these DVA strip lashes in ‘Diva’. They create a dramatic look with impact that’s perfect for a night on the town. Each pack contains ten pairs of hand-crafted and tied lashes and includes a pot of black glue – ideal for beginners without that perfect precision. Flutter your feathery feline peepers with dazzling results!