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The Wowcher Guide To Back To School Supplies!

A new curriculum, a new term, new classmates and even new teachers, but the same sense of nervous excitement as the annual rituals that herald the arrival of the new school year begin again. The peaceful days of summer give way to autumnal rigours of learning and participating in a whole host of activities. It can be a nerve-wracking time for kids but it should always be an exciting one, and to get the most out of a new school year you need to be prepared! So tuck your shirt in, spit out your gum, accept that break-time is over and let Wowcher help you through the new school term preparation with our handy guide to the must-have items.

Having the right accessories is one way of feeling ready for the challenge of the new school term. A great place to start is with your bag, so why not get kitted out with a bag adorned with the über-trendy One Direction? Beyond the rucksack, a great way to stand out from the crowd is to have a fully personalised pencil case. This is a sure-fire way to guarantee that you’ll avoid the awkwardness of having the same pencil case as one of your peers (if memory serves us correctly, this is a major faux-pas). Finally, when it comes to the daily social experiment known as the lunch hall, you’ll do well to carry your sandwiches in style. Be seen with the coolest designs around with a selection of Disney character branded lunch boxes from Wowcher.

As the new school term approaches, you can give your kids a Disney treat to remember every lunchtime with these lovely lunchboxes!

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Wowcher’s Guide To Brilliant BBQ-ing!

Ah, summer. The season of sun-kissed skin, briefly requited love and infinite barbecues. But much like falling in love, only downright fools rush into hosting barbecues. However simple the idea of ‘mixing meat with fire’ may seem, an impromptu barbecue could end in disaster. Picture a singed lawn, food-poisoned friends, children choking on charred hot dogs and flustered neighbours flapping wet towels over the ashen remains of their fence. To prevent such catastrophic scenes from spoiling your summer, we’ve compiled a guide to hosting a seamless barbecue that’s sizzling for all the right reasons.

With six handy pockets for storing utensils, salt, pepper and more, the 7-piece BBQ tool and apron set ensures you’re fully prepared with all right equipment at the ready

With six handy pockets for storing utensils, salt, pepper and more, the 7-piece BBQ tool and apron set ensures you’re fully prepared with all the right equipment at the ready

There’s nothing worse than turning up at a barbecue and waiting hours for the host to get their, er, kit together, so ensure you’re fully prepared with all the right equipment at the ready. This seven-piece BBQ tool and apron set features six handy pockets for storing utensils, salt, pepper and more. Fasten the apron around your waist, so when that first burger reaches sizzling point, you can whip out the spatula from your groin and flamboyantly flip it to your first carnivorous guest. Better yet, the lockable wheels on this charcoal barbecue will ensure no burger or sausage can escape the spindly clutches of your utensils or the doughy arms of your buns.  Read more

School’s Out For Summer

School is almost out for summer, and you know what that means…six weeks of the kids milling about the house. It’ll be fine, right? Who are we kidding, it’s going to be six weeks of MUM I’M BORED, I’M BORED MUM, MUM I’M BORED. But there’s no reason to panic – not yet anyway – as Wowcher’s here to ensure you’ve got everything you need to see your summer holiday’s go smoother than a Barry White CD coated with Sunpat peanut butter…

We’re fully aware how difficult it can be finding ways to keep the kids entertained, after all there’s only so many times you can disguise mundane housekeeping tasks as super fun amazing games before they’ll inevitably catch on. Fortunately, you’re in luck as the chocolate picture maker is a fun way for the kids to make their very own chocolate creations. And, it can be eaten afterwards! If you fancy doing your own version of the Great British Bake Off in the comfort of your own home, why not try this 100-piece decorating kit? It sure makes for a great excuse to have a load of cake and cookies in the house…

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Bloomin’ Marvellous

How green does your garden grow? Whether you have a botanical balcony, wild woodland or a manicured lawn, get inspired by our design ideas for style-conscious spaces and outdoor places…

Beauty in Bloom
Combine luscious greenery with fragrant blooms, creating your own little piece of nirvana. In fact, clever planting can turn any boring space into something rather beautiful. Take the Rattan Hanging Baskets for example, a refined way to display colourful flowers no matter how big or small your outdoor area may be. Tip: Opt for an even number of baskets – when it comes to this look, symmetry is key.  Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To: Spatial Awareness

Don’t let this happen to you – check out our guide to spatial awareness!

If you’ve ever struggled to navigate a simple door knob and have a tendency to fall, trip or bump into people, you may be suffering from poor spatial awareness. Angry commuters and involuntary bump n’ grind aside, your surroundings are also at risk of damage from a lack of spatial awareness. While you can’t control the great outdoors, it’s important to keep the space within your four walls safe and free from clutter to avoid further scrapes and collisions. So rather than worrying about elbowing that pregnant lady on the tube in the womb or causing a pile-up on the escalator, we suggest you take a glance at our guide to becoming more spatially aware.  Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To: Enjoying the World Cup (At Home)

Not one England supporter visible – they must be watching the final…

So you didn’t get tickets to Brazil this summer? That’s fine – neither did Zlatan Ibrahimović, Gareth Bale or Samir Nasri. There’s no point getting your knickers in a twist, Samir – just admit that you’re not quite meant for the bright lights of construction sites, and make sure you get the most out of the World Cup at home!

Rather than spending 90 minutes staring at the back of someone’s head or peering through the fabric of one of those massive flags, why not get yourself a HD TV and speaker system? Substitute vuvuzelas and tambourines with the dulcet tones of Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend in stunning HD quality.

We’re also going to need something safer and more stable than the stands of a half-built stadium. Forget clambering around the telescopic boom of a hydraulic crane to see fat Frank pile drive one into row Z, because we’ve got plenty of beanbags and sofa beds for you and the whole World Cup watching team.

With kick-off times as late as 11pm and the fact that Henderson and Jones have been included in the England squad, you might have a few heavy eyelids. That’s where the cinema sofa bed comes in handy! One crying England fan in a bed is more than enough, so make sure you’re evenly spread out around the house. You may even want to invest in an ’anti-snore’ device, as we all know lager has the potential to turn people into grunting farmyard animals.

The first step to enjoying a World Cup match is knowing who is playing, followed closely behind by knowing which team is which. For those in need, this should help!

The first step to enjoying a World Cup match is knowing who is playing, followed closely behind by knowing which team is which. For those in need, this handy kit guide should help!

Let’s imagine (bear with us…) that England qualify from Group D, or don’t all collapse from heat stroke in fixture number one – you’re going to want to celebrate! Why not have a mini carnival in your front room without the danger of fireworks and pickpockets? Alternatively, take the party outdoors, put up your parasols, and relax with the help of some Rattan garden furniture and turn your patio into a rodizio. After the recent removal of 2.6kg of food from the England hotel due to it being ‘unfit for consumption’, you would be forgiven for preferring a healthy George Foreman family grill in your kitchen to stadium hot dogs. Grill some Ricky Lamb-burgers and fill your Leighton Buns with Chiplallanas (other England-themed snacks are available). Certainly beats the out-of-date salmon offered in Rio!

And for the tidy-up, you can always rely on our 2-year supply of bin bags, a Dyson DC25 Special Edition upright vacuum cleaner and 7-in-1 steam-mop deals – if only there was a gigantic mop for the local councils in Brazil, the clean-up process might actually stand some chance of completion. Good luck peeling the sunburnt Brits off the promenade of Copacabana beach.


Wowcher’s Guide To: Father’s Day Presents

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already, make sure you pencil 15th June in your diary now. Father’s Day has been celebrated around the world since its origin in the USA in the early 20th Century. It’s meant as a simple celebration of the bond of male parenthood and it’s a brilliant chance to say thank you to our dads by spoiling them rotten.

As well as making the effort to spend time with your dad on June 15th, it’s high time to think about a great present too. This is where Wowcher comes in. We present to you, the ultimate guide to picking a great present for your old man (hint, don’t call him old) this year…

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The Blog That Sucks: Wowcher’s Guide to Vacuum Cleaners!

Let’s face it, you can’t expect to be a bona fide domestic goddess (or god, of course) without a vacuum cleaner. Like the ironing board, tumble dryer and 7-in-one-steam mop, a house ain’t quite a home without it. But today’s brave new world of fancy futuristic cylinder vacs, cordless spaceship-like devices and annoying Dyson ads is a wee bit more complicated than back in the day, so you should probably get clued up as to which vacuum is going to work for your home. Good thing you’ve got Wowcher, huh?

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Overcome Your Fear Of Needles…

If you’re having yarn problems, I feel bad for you son. We got 99 problems but a stitch ain’t one… read me!

Right, let’s get down to the knitty gritty. We’ve all been exposed to some pretty tragic knitwear this winter. Whether it was dad’s reindeer number or the absolutely hilarious THIS IS NOT A CHRISTMAS JUMPER jumper, it’s got even the most trypanophobic of us reaching for our knitting needles. We know we can do better, so why settle for a moustached Christmas tree woven onto your chest?

There’s something charming about the balaclava your granny knitted you when you were six, and however unwearable it is you’ll never throw it away because it means more than its practical value. It’s personal and completely unique. And depending on your granny’s skill level, it probably doesn’t have some incredibly ironic typography stitched along the side.
Knitting has definitely had a revival in the past few years. What once was the national pastime of bed-bound Coronation Street lovers is now a popular activity amongst empty-framed hipsters and urban commuters. It can be an antidote to the stresses of the modern world and a great way to avoid buying expensive impersonal gifts. It’s even entered the world of graffiti, with the yarn bombing trend resulting in many wool-covered trees and bicycles.

Become part of the close-knit community of stitchers and pick yourself up a 44-piece knitting kit with all the tools you need to make your own scarf or tree-cosy! Why not get your mum or nan to show you their moves?

Wowcher’s Guide To: Mattresses

Did you know that more than 200,000 hours of our lives are spent in bed? For those of us who aren’t maths bods (don’t worry, us neither), that’s about a third of all the time we have on this earth. Time well spent, right? And that doesn’t even count other, um, activities you might be getting up to in the sack…

With that in mind, we figured it’s a pretty good idea to make sure that big, springy, rectangular thing you snooze on (unless you happen to have a bit of a penchant for camping or sofa-surfing) is perfect for you. After all, there’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep.

Now, you might be a little confused as to which kind of mattress is perfect for your needs. If you’re as cool as we are, you’ve probably heard all sorts about memory foam, pocket sprung and latex on your travels, but it’s often difficult to really know which kinds of mattress does what.

But don’t worry because, as ever, Wowcher is here to help. That’s right, we’ve come up with a nifty beginners’ guide to mattresses that should help you through some of those tricky purchases!

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