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The Wowcher Guide to Approved Food!


Approved Food is the place to head for great savings on your weekly grocery shop. They work by trading in products with a ‘best before’ date – basically just the manufacturer’s guess of when the product will start to go off. Products range from top brands like Kellogg’s cereal and Cadbury’s chocolate, all the way to household essentials like dog food and washing up liquid. But how exactly does it all work? Doesn’t that mean we just get gone-off food? How do we make the savings? Never fear, today’s handy guide can explain…


But does shopping with Approved Food always beat the big retailers? We did a little comparison to find out (prices correct as of 31st December 2015).


And that’s just some of the top products on offer – Approved Food stocks everything from Typhoo teabags, Evian mineral water and Nescafé coffee to Walkers crisps, Jacobs’ cheddar biscuits and Lucozade – all at fantastic prices. So if you want some of these amazing savings for yourself, all you have to do is click here!

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New Year, New You!


Has the festive season left you feeling sluggish, bloated, sleepy and about one mince pie away from rocking in the corner in a sugar-induced coma? Then it sounds like you need to dedicate some quality time to getting back in touch with your inner loveliness. Out with the old habits, in with the New Year and New You! Here at Wowcher, we’re with you every step of the way, and are going to be trying our gosh-darned hardest to practise what we preach, too! Check out our five steps for New Year magic in 2016…


Step One – Drink more water!

We’re not suggesting you put down the gin and tonic (we really, really love gin and tonics), we’re just saying if you’re going to be working out harder, you want skin that glows or you need a way to ease the sting of that hangover, H20 is the way to go. We’ve got a way to make this one nice and easy – ditch your lunchtime bottle of chemical-licious soft drink and pack your favourite flavours into a fruit-infusing water bottle! With infinite tasty combinations to try, you’ll easily get through your daily two litres. Our favourite mixes include strawberry, basil and cucumber, tropical mango and peach, and watermelon and mint!


Step Two – Get more sleep!

There’s not much use in aiming to change your habits if you’re too knackered to get anything done. An imperative step to giving yourself some TLC and making sure you’re ready and raring to speed down the road to self-improvement is to, quite simply, get enough sleep! Make sure your dreaming is dreamy by shutting out the light with some blackout curtains, snuggling up luxuriously on a Cool Blue memory foam mattress and staying roasty-toasty with a thermal fleece underblanket. (Or, if your sleepless nights are down in part to the snoring wildebeest next to you, might we suggest an orthopaedic anti-snore pillow instead…) You’ll be on track to eight hours before you know it!


Step Three – Do more exercise!

It’s not all about how you look – it’s about how you feel, and we all know that whenever we turn off Netflix, reluctantly lace up our trainers and brave the running track, we end up feeling great. Track your progress with an activity bracelet and make sure you look the part with some beaut new workout trainers, and you’ll be good to go! With great exercise classes cropping up all the time on Wowcher, you’re sure to find something fantastic in a city near you. The hardest step is the one out the front door, remember! (That said, if you really can’t make it over the threshold to the great outdoors, get your hands on some easy-to-use resistance bands, fire up a Spotify workout playlist and crack on with it in your living room.)  


Step Four – Eat better! 

So you’re well rested, totally hydrated and queen of the workout? Claps for you! Now you just have to make sure that you’re fuelling your finesse rather than filling up on fatty snacks and sweet treats that are going to make you lag and stop you reaching your full potential. Get the glow with greens, blending them into a juice or smoothies with a multi-purpose blender, or rustle up hearty and healthy soups in a Morphy Richards soup maker. You can even cut the calories by ditching oil with a FlavorCHEF™ six-in-one cooker, featuring a clamshell design and a non-stick coating. Why not make 2016 the year to try out a firm foodie trend – protein pancakes? These ones even come in white chocolate and raspberry flavour…


Step Five – Add a little boost!

If you’re going full throttle and giving it your all, but you’re looking for a helping hand to max out the chances of hitting your New You peak, why not consider trying out a supplement? From the popular raspberry ketones and colon cleanse capsules to a whole ‘weight management’ and toning bundle, we’ve got a huge range from top, trusted suppliers that aim to help you on your journey.


Secret Step Six – Relax!

Just like your mama always told you, you can only try your best! Sometimes a whole evening binging on Netflix or a night out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered! Give yourself a break when you need one, forget always trying to ‘do more’, have a night off and remember you’re lovely just the way you are. Happy New Year!

Please note: All deals featured may not be live, but with fab new deals added daily, make sure you keep checking!

Weddings With Wowcher!



Here comes the bride, all dressed in…pink? Okay fine, you don’t have to don a pink Wowcher-themed wedding dress, but at the very least let us ensure that all the stressful wedding planning doesn’t turn you into your ‘something blue’…

‘Which photographer shall we book? What about the colour scheme? Do we need a theme? The food? Drinks? Where do we sit drunk Uncle Geoff? What cake do we buy? What about the frosting flavour, Jeremy? Would somebody please think of the frosting?!’ With so much to think about before a wedding, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, you can get two tickets to The Westminster Wedding Show for just £4 with Wowcher! You and your hubby-to-be will be able to wander through the exhibition on Saturday 18th July 2015 and get some fab ideas for the big day. With cakes, music, venues and pretty much anything else you can think of on exhibition, it’s the perfect way to start planning the wedding. There’s even a bridal catwalk showcasing the latest on-trend gowns. That’s the dress sorted then. Now, for the cake…

Here at Wowcher, we’ve never understood why people keep telling us that ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’. Of course, you can! With Wowcher, not only can you get the wedding cake of your dreams, but you’ll also be able to get it for less than half the price by heading to Southport’s very own Vanilla Nova. Here, you can purchase a delicious three or four-tier wedding cake after partaking in a tasting session where you can sample the most delectable, mouth-watering sponges. Vanilla? Lemon? Butterscotch? Coconut? Oh, we don’t know… best try them all!


Getting hitched can be a very expensive business, with the average wedding costing just over £18k (whoa!), so ensure your big day goes off without a hitch with an amazing three or four-tiered Vanilla Nova wedding cake!

While we’re on the topic of food, let’s think about what else your guests will be able to nibble on after the ‘I Do’s’. Well actually, now that you mention it, Wowcher’s got that one figured out, too. Covering Birmingham, Peterborough, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Stoke-on-Trent, Lincoln, Northampton and Cambridge, LA Weddings and Events can sweeten up your guests with a candy, candy floss or popcorn cart! With a server included in the hire, it’s sure to impress everyone.

Dress? Check. Cake? Check. Candy cart? Check. Photographer? Umm…


Expert photographer Rach Ashurts’ six-hour wedding photography package includes a pre-wedding day shoot, two prints and a USB full of photos!

Don’t worry! As luck would have it, we’ve sorted the photographer, too. We’ve teamed up with With This Ring Wedding Photography to give all those who are within 40 miles of B1 Birmingham postcodes, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester a little help when it comes to capturing your big day. They’ll cover everything from bridal preparations to the first dance, plus you’ll get up to 300 edited images on CD and two prints of your favourite snap. Alternatively, Rach Ashurst offers those who will have their weddings within 25 miles of Durham city centre a six-hour package, which not only includes cover of the day itself, but also a pre-wedding day photoshoot, two prints and a USB full of photos! Prefer moving pictures? Not a problem, we’ve also joined forces with Quaint Weddings to bring you a full-day wedding videography package, including a 15-minute HD video on DVD for all weddings within a 60-mile radius of SK6 1AA. You can even personalise the video with your choice of song. We’re thinking ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-a-Lot. No? Maybe we should just stick to bringing you great deals…


Boasitng over 20 years’ experience, With This Ring Wedding Photography is the natural choice when you’re looking for the best people to cover your special day.

If all this wedding talk gets you excited, then maybe you’re destined for a career as a wedding planner! There can’t be many things greater than helping a bride and groom-to-be plan one of the most special days of their lives, so why not take an ICOES-accredited wedding planner course with Trendimi? You’ll learn everything from planning the big day, dressing the wedding party, budgeting and even marketing your wedding planner business.

So there you have it! From Bridezilla to blushing bride in one simple blog post. Who ever said that weddings needed to be expensive anyway?

Please note – all deals featured may not be live. 

Wowcherching’s Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Love is all around us…

Valentine’s Day… the perfect opportunity to treat your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, fiancé, partner or, let’s just say, special someone who’s yet to make an official title. Play your cards right and buy a gift through Wowcherching, and we guarantee you’ll receive a very happy return – cashback, of course!

For all the remaining singletons, we’d like to dispel the idea that Valentine’s celebrations require an essential other half – you are complete as you are, and deserve to rejoice in love and reap the cashback rewards too! Plus, as Wet Wet Wet (among others) soothingly sang, ‘love is all around you’. In other words, no wallowing, no grumping around, and you have two options: 1) share the love, be it with your lover, friends, family, pet or indeed self, and get cashback; or 2) find the love (of your life), and get up to £60 cashback with eHarmony or up to £45 with!

How does cashback work? You click through to a retailer via our website and shop as normal. We do all the rest for you – any purchases you then make from said retailer will be tracked and before you know it you’ll receive cashback in your Wowcher Wallet plus 10% bonus, all of which can be spent on Wowcher Daily Deals! As a Valentine’s treat, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s retailers which will get you 25% cashback bonus – all the retailers mentioned in this post included!  Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To: a Silentnight®

vacuum cleaner for homework

Did you know that about a third of our lives are spent in bed? More specifically, that’s about 200,000 hours. While we can all agree that it’s time well spent, it’s important to make sure your bed is perfect for you. But how are we supposed to know which one that is? After all, we’re not just talking about old school sprung mattress anymore – we now sleep in a world of high-tech memory foam, latex, zone support systems and all sorts of fancy bits and bobs for the land of nod. Well, the handy Wowcher guide to the Silentnight® range of mattresses should be enough to put that question to bed once and for all…

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Comfortable Mattress
Aptly named, the Comfort is basically made up of a high density foam known as Miratex® (already sounding fancy, right?). What it does is support your body full from the very edge of the mattress – that means any fidgety sleepers out there (yeah, you!) can rest easy wherever they end up in the bed.
Memory Foam
Now this one you should be a bit more familiar with. A big feature of Memory Foam is that it’s temperature sensitive, so it’ll mould to your body shape exactly each night. It may be a wee bit chilly when you climb into it, but overnight will warm up accordingly with your own body temperature. A great thing about the foam moulding to your body is that it will release any pressure on achy joints, forming a nice little groove for you.
7 Zone Memory Foam
Now we’re talking, baby! The 7 Zoned Support system combines Comfort Foam and Miratex Memory Foam for the ultimate cushiony support. Plus, it’s specially tailored to what’s known as your support zones – these are basically 7 key areas of your body, ranging from your head and neck all the way down to your feet – and the 7 Zone Mattress is specially designed to support each and every one of them! Seven heaven…


But what do all these mattresses have in common? Well, aside from your 5-year guarantee, there’s two big features that’ll make certain those forty winks are in the bag. They are:

Purotex® – Allergy UK approved probiotics will keep these mattresses fresh, healthy and dust mite-free. As you sleep, your body pressure will activate the mattress’ friendly bacteria to shoo off any harmful bacteria that may have crept in there. In a nutshell, those bed bugs won’t be bothering you any time soon!

Soft knit covers – these soft knit quilted covers will give you that little extra bit of comfort come bed time. You lucky thing, you.

So there you have it, Wowcher’s guide to a Silentnight. Now you’ve got the perfect mattress in mind, why not pair it with the perfect bed? If only there was some sort of website where you could pick one up

Wowcher’s Guide To Beating The January Blues

Through beverage-clouded vision and a mince pie-induced coma, it’s hard to see an end to the merry festive period. But now the New Year’s celebrations have drawn to a close, it’s back to reality and worse yet – back to work. So how to up your mood, keep memories of the good times bright and kick yourself back to fitness? Read on for Wowcher’s guide to surviving January… Read more

It Takes Two To Make Christmas Go Right…


50% off in the Black Friday sales, giant Cyber Monday discounts and 2 for 1 offers in various shops… Christmas today is as much about good will and merriment as it is doubling up and making our money go further in the month of December. And that’s not where the association with the number two ends – there’s turkey and stuffing, pigs and blankets and let’s not forget two turtle doves, eh? Christmas is certainly not an event we want to do solo and never by halves. Make sure you go full steam ahead into everyone’s favourite festive event of the year…

Double Up Your Layers
It’s likely that you’ll get cold over the next month or so. With Christmas markets popping up everywhere from Budapest to Birmingham, more time spent outside is more time to feel the Christmas thrill but also the Christmas chill. Whether you’re having a mulled wine in the open air or trying to keep steady on a pair of ice skates, a few extra layers of winter woollies are vital to keep you feeling merry this winter. Why not grab yourself a pair of knitted mittens with a fur trim to avoid frosty fingers ruining the day? Don’t stress over footing a huge bill however – with cosy fur boots in short, medium or tall, we’ve got plenty up our sleeve to keep you snug without your bank balance suddenly halving in size.

Chic, classically styled and oh-so-cosy, these faux fur-lined boots will be just about perfect for the chilly months ahead...

Chic, classically styled and oh-so-cosy, these faux fur-lined boots will be just about perfect for the chilly months ahead…

Cosy Up…
We’ve all been there over the Christmas period (and sometimes after a Saturday night stint at the local curry house) – you dress in your best, indulge in a feast to put all others to shame, and end up uncomfortably bulging over your new skinny jeans. Why not go cosy from the very start and swap that stiff denim for a pair of stretchy jeggings that are as comfortable as they are stylish (not to mention capable of moving with your expanding sides)? We can’t think of many better excuses to double the indulgence this yuletide. Once the dining has been done, Wowcher’s handy dish drainers are here to ensure it is cutlery rather than your finances that are out to dry.

Just the Two of Us
Christmas is always better with double the numbers. So whether you’re a party of two or responsible for toddlers, babies and grandparents spilling out over the doorstep, make them feel loved – even if they already have what they need. For the person that has everything, why not double up on photo merchandise and get them a pair of mugs that’ll be there to support their caffeine consumption throughout all the seasons of the year? With Carolina Herrera 212 fragrances for men and women on Wowcher this winter, make couples and family members feel doubly as loved with a fragrance they’ll love almost as much as they’ll love the giver of the gift.

A perfect stocking filler for Christmas, Carolina Herrera 212 EDT for women or men was created by the Venezuelan-born fashion designer to represent the style and attitude of men and women in New York City.

A perfect stocking filler for Christmas, Carolina Herrera 212 EDT for women or men was created by the Venezuelan-born fashion designer to represent the style and attitude of men and women in New York City.

So there we have it – doubling up is far more fun than going solo (and if it’s fun you’re after, a certain body stocking and bullet set are sure to provide hours of entertainment, if you catch our drift). Why not multiply your Christmas enjoyment without doubling the spend?

Please note – deals featured may not be live. 

Wowcher Presents…Presents!

It’s true, Christmas is coming, the geese are indeed getting fat and we hope you’ve found the time to put a penny in the old man’s hat. Nursery rhymes aside, it’s time to start thinking about the titanic task of buying all the necessary gifts for your nearest and dearest. Whilst some nice perfume might suffice for mum, a new watch for dad and a large bottle of whisky for your ‘fun’ uncle, it’s the kids who are hard to buy for. Playground trends move too fast that it can be difficult to know what’s good to buy for the little ‘uns without appearing behind the times or out of touch. Never fear mums and dads of the UK, you can put the Tamagotchi, Space Hopper and other out-of-date kids toys down right now, because Wowcher is here to present you with some great Christmas gifts for kids… Read more

The Wowcher Guide To Superstardom!

Here at Wowcher, we know you’re a star, but how exactly do you let the rest of the world know it? Well it’s easier than you think. So forget the years of hard work, humiliating auditions and crippling performing arts training and just take the fast track to success with our handy five-step guide! As late-90s muses S-Club 7 once said, you’ve got to reach for the stars…

Look the part
A good way to make yourself feel like a star is to take some magical inspiration and wear it on your sleeve wherever you go. Or in this case, around your neck – so how about a gorgeous fairy necklace made with none other than Swarovski elements (we prefer them so much more than boring regular elements). Studded with emerald-coloured jewels and either rhodium, gold or rose gold plating, this Disney meets Dior bit of bling is sure to be the missing statement piece to your soon-to-be A-lister wardrobe.

Whether you opt for a rhodium, gold or rose gold-plated fairy, you’ll find her encrusted with emerald-coloured crystals and holding a star pendant.

Whether you opt for a rhodium, gold or rose gold-plated fairy, you’ll find her encrusted with emerald-coloured crystals and holding a star pendant.

Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To Back To University Essentials

Whether it’s your first year of university or you’re returning for another year of spaghetti hoop breakfasts and Fruit Loop dinners, we’ve got everything you need to be the ultimate student. Here is the Wowcher guide to everything UNI-d:  Read more