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5 Tips to Beating the Winter Blues!

5 ways to beat the winter blues

Well, it’s that time of year again. The days are shorter, you’re constantly craving comfort food, leaves are left everywhere in a sodden mess on the ground and you can’t go anywhere without three scarves on. Welcome back winter! We missed you, big guy. If the post-holiday blues have hit you hard this year, we might have the solutions to help you conquer the cold …

The Wowcher Guide to New Year, New You!


It’s that time of year again. Christmas has been and gone, you’ve eaten your weight in turkey and sweets, and now you’re facing a long year of hard work ahead. New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten about after the excitement of early January drops off into the daily grind of winter without festive lights. If you still haven’t learned that new language or done more …

The 12 Days of Wowcher Christmas


Twelve Bruts a- fizzing…  Eleven cubes a- clicking… Ten pairs of lashes… Nine lovely leggings… Eight beers a- brewing… Seven studs a- shining… Six wines a- sparkling… Five bottle lights… Four Christmas mugs… Three model trains… Two Pyrex trays… And a joke potato in a white box! Please note that all deals featured may not be live.

£10 Steals for Office Secret Santa


Have you pulled the short straw at Secret Santa? Not sure what to get the guy you’ve never spoken to in the cubicle beside you? Fear not! Wowcher’s got you covered with Secret Santa presents to suit all co-workers for under £10. Make sure you’ve got the perfect present, no matter whose name you draw… For the one who always brings a packed lunch: The …

Patisserie Made Easy: Ready, Set, Flake!


After watching Candice rise and Val crumble during cutthroat Pastry Week on The Great British Bake Off, I set off to The Smart School of Cookery to try baking patisserie for myself. What better way to celebrate the sweet legacy of the nation’s favourite nan Val than to stick my head into the oven of her doughy downfall? Could I really master the art of …

Summer Inspiralisation


When it comes to healthy eating, dealing with conflicting advice, expensive food and uninspired meal plans can take our well-intentioned attempts in a sharp downwards spiral, often meaning the few pounds we lose come out of our pocket rather than anywhere else. We’re told to cut carbs, banish beloved bread and part from pasta. Coming home from work to a sorry salad and stick of …