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Food for Thought

romantic dinner

Are you getting a little fed up with your traditional restaurant options? Italian getting irritating? French getting frustrating, Thai getting tiresome or Mexican getting a bit, well, meh? Luckily, there’s a whole world of alternatives cropping up for you to chow down on. Yes, apparently food is the latest hot new thing (who’d have thought it?), with culinary kings and queens all over the country clamouring for the latest on-trend cuisines.  Read more

I believe that is called ‘Al Fresco’ – Afternoon Tea @ The Thistle Hotel


Although I cannot in full honesty say that the sun was in the sky, the fluctuating London weather did not in any way subtract from our excursion to the Thistle Hotel. ‘Luxury’ and ‘decadence’ were just two of the words that spring to mind, accompanied only by the phrase ‘attentive customer service’. With two locations tucked away amidst the tourist hotspot that is Piccadilly Circus, the Thistle Hotel presented not only divine décor but a sumptuous spread of delicacies. Having the opportunity to sample both afternoon tea and the lunch time menu, I was overwhelmed with an explosion of rich flavours.

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Anyone for a cocktail?


Ever since Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri threw the first one all the way back in 1917, the cocktail party has become a mainstay of the summer social calendar. In fact, we can’t even begin to imagine celebrating summer without a cocktail in hand – but with so many to choose from, we couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. So instead, we thought we’d take a trip round Wowcher Towers and ask a few of our resident party animals what cocktail floats their boat…

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