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The 12 Days of Wowcher Christmas


Twelve Bruts a- fizzing…  Eleven cubes a- clicking… Ten pairs of lashes… Nine lovely leggings… Eight beers a- brewing… Seven studs a- shining… Six wines a- sparkling… Five bottle lights… Four Christmas mugs… Three model trains… Two Pyrex trays… And a joke potato in a white box! Please note that all deals featured may not be live.

£10 Steals for Office Secret Santa


Have you pulled the short straw at Secret Santa? Not sure what to get the guy you’ve never spoken to in the cubicle beside you? Fear not! Wowcher’s got you covered with Secret Santa presents to suit all co-workers for under £10. Make sure you’ve got the perfect present, no matter whose name you draw… For the one who always brings a packed lunch: The …

Patisserie Made Easy: Ready, Set, Flake!


After watching Candice rise and Val crumble during cutthroat Pastry Week on The Great British Bake Off, I set off to The Smart School of Cookery to try baking patisserie for myself. What better way to celebrate the sweet legacy of the nation’s favourite nan Val than to stick my head into the oven of her doughy downfall? Could I really master the art of …

Summer Inspiralisation


When it comes to healthy eating, dealing with conflicting advice, expensive food and uninspired meal plans can take our well-intentioned attempts in a sharp downwards spiral, often meaning the few pounds we lose come out of our pocket rather than anywhere else. We’re told to cut carbs, banish beloved bread and part from pasta. Coming home from work to a sorry salad and stick of …

Wowcher Reviews Bottomless Brunch at the London Elizabeth


When you think of the term ‘brunch’, what comes to mind? An eggstravagant event in one’s social calendar, where drunken stories from the night before are exchanged over some poached eggs and OJ? Well, now it seems ‘brunch’ is an overused and clichéd thing to do in London. I mean, eggs are eggs, whether they’re Benedict, Royale or Florentine. It seems that what was once …

The Egg Off


Easter, as we all know, is the time to celebrate spring, eat copious amounts of chocolates and of course, celebrate having two days off! However, it’s also an eggcellent eggcuse (they get worse as it goes on) for some healthy competition in the form of… egg scenes! So let’s get cracking! The challenge this time round was to create an eggsplosive egg scene. With no …

Wowcher Reviews One Twenty One Two Restaurant at the Royal Horseguards Hotel


When you live in the dizzying and often daunting metropolis of London, it’s too easy to slip into a routine – sticking to tried-and-tested restaurants and bars, lazing indoors at the weekends and seeing any tube journey that crosses the Thames as a daring odyssey into the unknown. At Wowcher (often guilty of this ourselves!), we’re always looking for exciting new experiences and undiscovered spots …

Who’s Wowcher’s Top Tosser?

Whos-the-top-tosser-of-Wowcher (4)

As we say goodbye to January and farewell to our January blues, we’ve all officially started looking forward to the most important day of the year – yep, that’s right, Pancake Day of course! We know what you’re thinking, Pancake Day – that creped up on us! After the controversial and intense ‘Who’s The PumpKing or Queen of Wowcher?’ battle, we thought it was time for …

Wowcher Reviews Café in the Crypt


I’ve been to my fair share of food establishments. Like most people who live in London, I love trying new places and discovering hidden gems across the city, but despite these culinary crusades, I have never munched my way through sandwiches and cake at a place with ‘crypt’ in its name. It’s unique. It’s interesting. It’s free food. So here I am, accompanied by Josh and Anina, undertaking the very difficult task of eating afternoon tea …