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Wowcher’s Guide To Halloween Costumes


Need some last minute Halloween costume inspiration? You’ve come to the right place…

  1. Karen from ‘Mean Girls’.
    'I'm a mouse, duh!'

    ‘I’m a mouse, duh!’

    You’ll just need a pair of mouse ears, blonde wig and constant vacant stare for this one.

  2. Zombie Minnie Mouse

    If you think this is bad, you should see what happened to Mickey…

    Throw on anything polka dot and then go wild with the make up. Need a little help? Then head to a two hour Halloween SFX makeup masterclass with Wowcher!

  3. Your nana

    Complete with a GILF-mobile to carry your hard-boiled sweets and gin.

    Raid your nana’s wardrobe, put in some rollers and go nuts with some dry shampoo or talcum powder and you’ll be ready for a pensioner’s bus pass. Not that you’ll need one with your wheelbarrow/GILF-mobile…

  4. Bananas in Pyjamas

    ‘Bananas in pyjamas are running down the stairs. Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs…’

    This outfit requires minimal effort. Just roll up in your jim-jams and whack on a cardboard mask!

  5. Lego

    ‘I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, singing AAA-OH, I’m a LE-GO…’

    Get creative with some cardboard and yellow paint, but don’t forget the eye holes for the love of God…

  6. Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable and the Naked Mole Rat

    A perfect way to use up all that flesh-coloured spandex we have lying around…

    You’ll need an orange wig, black crop top and combat trousers for Kim, a blonde wig and polo for Ron and some Spanx and a bald cap for the mole rat. You’ll also need some serious guts and a big pair of pumpkins to pull this one off! (But not literally and especially not in those Spanx. Some things are better left to the imagination…)

  7. Beast and Mystique from X-Men

    Be warned: This will leave you washing out ‘blue’ for WEEKS after Halloween.

    You’ll need blue paint, and some more blue paint, and then just a little more blue paint after that. Then grab some red hair spray for Mystique and some glasses and fangs for Beast and you’re done!

  8. A hat stand

    ‘They said I could be anything, so I became a hat stand.’

    Hats. You just needs hats.

  9. Dead prom King and Queen
    dead prom king and queen

    How we probably all looked after prom, am I right?

    Rip up your old prom dress, cover yourself in fake blood and make a couple of sashes. You’ll also need to stop off at Burger King for a couple of cardboard crowns and a burger (or ten) to line your stomach…

  10. A Mexican

    /the guy from the Doritos ad

    For this one you just need a Mexican hat and fake tash. Bag of Doritos is optional.

  11. Lil Wayne

    Don’t cover your face, things could be worse! You could be Lil Wayne…

    Simply requires some tin foil for grills, eye liner for tattoos and plaits for dreadlocks. Voilà!

Now you’ve got some costume inspiration, you need to figure out where you’ll spend the spooky holiday. As luck would have it, we’ve got that sorted too! All you single ladies can head on a haunted singles’ bar crawl or a ‘Lock and Key’ speed dating party, where you could meet Mr. Right or Mr. You’ll Do For Tonight while having a fright. Alternatively, pop along to the PhoboPhobia Live Halloween Show at The London Bridge Experience, winner of best year-round UK scare attraction for the past 5 years. With loads more Halloween events currently on site such as Tulleys The Howl Scream Park at Mead Open Farm and the ‘Halloween Party for Essex’ (featuring S Club!), we’ve got Halloween well and truly sorted for a fraction of the price.

Please note: All deals featured may not be live.

Wowcher vs Oucher: Winter Footwear



Boots are essential in this winter weather, but with all that rain and potential for snow, splashing out on a fancy pair may not be the greatest idea. While designer labels set the trends, we know that they’re certainly not the be all and end all of fashion – so with a Santa-style sack full of bargain wintery treats for your feet, today’s blog is designed with the sole purpose of showing you how we deliver style at a fraction of the price! With a variety of different trends on offer, we invite you to buckle, lace and fasten up as we walk you through a selection of the most boot-iful winter footwear trends…


Round 1: Ankle boots



A staple this season, ankle boots will see you right through from autumn to spring and are perfect whether worn at work, play or during the day. From red to animal print and sparkly to peep toe, we’ve seen them all – but if, like us, you can’t afford them all, we think a simple and elegant black pair is your safest bet for maximum wear!

Perfect with just about anything, these black platform Chelsea boots are a sure-fire winner. The chunky heel is bang on-trend and the height is perfect for giving shorter girls a little lift. Similar to the Kurt Geiger ankle boots, we just love the height, gold zip and buckle detailing.

If its everyday flats you’re looking for then these ankle Chelsea boots will certainly do the job. They come in six different styles, including faux suede and faux croc skin, which adds a fabulously luxurious touch – priced at just £14, they’re boot-ilicious!


Round 2: Sheepskin boots

Always a hit for their comfort and warmth, sheepskin boots are an easy way to keep cosy this winter. These super cool and versatile Australian Sheepskin Zippyboots can transform into four different looks, featuring a zip-off tall section and foldable tops. Alternatively, get a pair of these sheepskin and merino wool boots in one of six fabulous colours, which are perfect for tucking in jeans and can be enjoyed for a fraction of the price of luxury brand UGG®.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far then don’t worry, as we have great faux fur options too. These winter ankle boots feature a cute buckle detail and come in gorgeous teal, and these simple fleece-lined beauties are the cheapest of the bunch at just £8. Baa-gain!


Round 3: Riding boots
A classic style that will forever be in fashion, the riding boot is a must-have that could potentially yield years of wear, providing you give them plenty of care and attention. With lots of different styles kicking about, you could easily grab a slice of this elegant look that’s a favourite of our glamorous Duchess of Cambridge.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful leather riding boots, for example – not dissimilar to those by fashion footwear favourite, Dune, they come in high quality genuine black or brown leather that will weather well and stay solid for years to come. Fantastic for maintaining a snug fit around the calf, they have an elasticated back that also provides breathing room for extra give, stretch and comfort. We think these boots are great, neigh, gorgeous!


Final round: the best of the rest!
A massive trend this year, the thigh-high boot is sexy, daring and fabulous, and we wouldn’t be doing our job right if we didn’t offer you a pair to get you strutting your stuff with the likes of the Kardashians, Rita Ora and Beyoncé!

A slightly more wearable option to the dominatrix-style celebrity showstoppers, these over the knee boots are the perfect statement shoe for the Christmas party season. Wear with a dress or skirt and show off those pins in style!

Forget those Wowcher vs Oucher comparisons for a minute, because we have the real deal with these winter warmers. From fashion brand Rocket Dog, these suede boots are lined with faux fur and come in five neutral colours. The perfect option for the cold winter weather, these casual boots are just right paired with jeans and a jumper on a blustery day. Long-lasting wear and toasty toes? Brilliant!

Finally, if we haven’t quite soled you our theory that our boots can hold their own against high-end retailers, maybe our final pair can seal the deal! Keeping warm is the aim of the coming months, and these 2-in-1 winter boots won’t disappoint! Made from genuine leather and lined with fluffy faux fur, they’re super cosy with sturdy ridged soles that are ideal for wet wintery weather and snowy, slippery streets. “Sold! To the thrifty, fashion-forward miss looking fabulous at the back there!”

Please note, not all featured deals may be live.

Koating up with the Kardashians!


Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Squad Goals… Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Weather-wise, we know what we’re doing with winter and summer fashion. The cold requires lots of layering paired with boots and coats, while summer calls for light fabrics and anything strappy, short and loose. Autumn, however, is a bit of a stickler in the fashion stakes, with the sun shining one minute and cold wind and rain knocking us for six the next. One person we can always look to for inspiration is Kim, so why not nail seasonal dressing Kardashian-style this autumn?

Go fur it!
This season sees a 70s-style shearling revolution – we think it’s never been easier to grab a slice of Kendall Jenner’s style than with this reversible fleece-lined faux shearling gilet, paired with a simple but elegant black ensemble. Not only will you be bang on-trend but it’s perfect for the season, adding warmth with autumnal neutral shades – the perfect piece to bridge the gap between summer and winter!

Kendall Jenner Instagram (Fur or Shearling Gillet)

Kendall Jenner/Instagram


Light it up like a blazer
With party season just around the corner, your strappy dress isn’t going to shield you from the cold and we don’t recommend you rely on your beer jacket at the office Christmas party if you’re looking to avoid a drunken colleague hook-up! Keep it sexy and sophisticated like Kourtney Kardashian with a simple black blazer draped over the shoulders. Not only perfect for a night out, it’s great paired with jeans or work-wear for just enough warmth on a sunny autumn day.
Top tip: keep a scarf in your bag for an easy way of adding warmth should the wind suddenly change!

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram


Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Like Mrs Kardashian West we love ourselves a waterfall lapel, and with up to four similar styles on the site at any one time we think we’ve got the one for you. Whether it’s a full-length coat like Kim’s Balenciaga number or our sleeveless waistcoat, waterfall quilted biker or ¾ sleeve belted jacket it’s never been easier to style it up like the Kween of the Kardashians this autumn. With a range of autumnal tones to choose from, you can get the KK seal of approval in colours including wine, khaki, navy, black, white and even camel!

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian/Instagram


You da bomb-er!
If your style calls for something a little cooler then maybe you should be taking style tips from the Instagram icon herself, Miss Kylie Jenner. This padded bomber could be a great addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe for a look that captures some of Kylie’s trademark quirky style. Pair with jeans and a tee for a casual weekend look or wear over a hoodie for a bit of added warmth when winter’s in full swing.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner/Instagram


Go hell for leather
A classic autumn jacket, there’s a lot to be said for a good leather (or pleather!) jacket. Seen on every single Kardashian and Jenner, and most other celebs for that matter, it’s always a sure-fire winner! Perfect for any time of day, the leather is a great alternative to a blazer on an evening and can be an edgy addition to even the most glam of outfits. Check out our favourite Auntie Koko rocking her leather with a pair oversized shades… You go Koko!

Khloe Kardashian /Instagram

Khloe Kardashian /Instagram


Parka it up pack it in, let me begin…
Ok, so we know she’s only two years old, but given her fashionista parents you can forgive us for saying this Kardashian-in-training has style. Featuring in her father Kanye’s music video late last year, North West got her winter fashion right by wrapping up in an adorable parka. She may only be a toddler but her style is far from powder pink and fairy dust. You could certainly take tips from little Nori by snuggling up in this fleece lined hooded parka or, if you’re looking for a more glamorous alternative, this mid-length quilted version should do the trick.

Kris Jenner/Instagram

Kris Jenner/Instagram

The Hottest Hair Trend… Just in Time for Fashion Week


When it comes to favourite smells, embracing somebody with freshly washed tresses is up there with stepping onto a newly mowed lawn, or that waft of oven-fresh bread as you pass the window of a bakery.

Not everyone has time to wash their hair each morning, but even those that do can’t escape the everyday whiffs that can turn hair from fresh to musky with one stroll down the street. With this in mind, Wowcher was thrilled when two powerhouses teamed up to ensure your locks smell as good as they look.


The first of this magnificent duo is Blo, a trendy blow dry bar in the heart of Covent Garden. Last week I was lucky enough to have them transform my flat, dull hair into something a little more glam and a lot less lifeless, and I was beyond impressed with the results. Voluminous, healthy-looking and long-lasting – I was instantly hooked, and have already returned for another appointment. The tempting menu of styles ranges from ‘Holly Would’ to ‘Executive Sweet’, but I plumped for the more natural ‘Pillow Talk’ – a tousled “oh I just woke up like this, no big deal” kind of look.


Shortly after my ‘Pillow Talk’ blow dry.

So Blo is making hair look catwalk-ready, but who’s the second in this new pairing? The Batman to Blo’s Robin, if you will. Well, shortly after my first visit, I was invited back for an exciting announcement, and it was here that I discovered that Blo has teamed up with The Perfume Society to bring you hair scents that make your top-quality blow dries smell as good as cut grass and warm bread all rolled into one.


Pair the ‘Holly Would’ blow dry with Thameen Amber Room hair fragrance.

Hair fragrances are on the rise, with perfume giants such as Dior and Chanel already jumping on the trend, and we believe it’s only a matter of time before a spritz of hair perfume becomes as essential in your day-to-day routine as your favourite eau de toilette.


Match ‘Executive Sweet’ with Sachajuan’s protective hair perfume.

So what fragrance goes with what style? Thankfully, Blo and The Perfume Society have done the hard work for us, picking the perfect perfumes to accompany Blo’s most popular looks. For example, if you opted for Blo’s classic ‘Red Carpet’, you could spray the sophisticated U Luxury Alanna Hair Perfume onto your tresses, or if you went for ‘Pillow Talk’ like me, you could try out the Byredo Blanche – an innocent, refreshing and understated scent. Not only will everyone get a heavenly waft every time you toss your hair over your shoulders, but you can top up throughout the day to disguise any less-than-fresh smells!


The ‘High Society’ blow dry goes perfectly with Miss Dior’s seductive hair mist.

‘But why can’t I simply spray my favourite perfume on my hair?’ we hear you holler. What blasphemy! Your poor hair is sensitive and can’t deal with perfumes that have a high oil or alcohol content. The fragrances expertly selected by The Perfume Society not only make your hair smell delicious but protect it, too. It’s a no brainer – we always make sure our breath smells minty and our body smells fresh, so why shouldn’t we do the same for our hair?

For great discounts on Blo’s fabulous treatments, keep an eye on

Please note – deals featured may not be live.

Wowcher gets a Traditional Shave @ Mr. Rizzo Grooming

With winter drawing to a close and parts of his face untouched by sunlight for several months, March seemed a good time for Kaja to brave the barber’s chair and get a wash, cut and traditional cut-throat shave, courtesy of Mr. Rizzo in Covent Garden.

I was fourteen years old the last time I visited my local barber. My hairdresser laughed at my grey hair, shouted at me for having a weak neck and, despite my request to look like Freddy Ljungberg, gave me a hairdo commonly sported by national hero Pat Butcher. Safe to say, I was fairly nervous about sitting in the hot seat after ten years living in blissful ignorance of chatty men with scissors.

When I arrived at the ultra-modern salon on Upper St. Martin’s Lane, the first thing that threw me was Mr Rizzo’s magazine collection. New editions of National Geographic and New Scientist lay in amongst glossy gossip columns and lads’ mags. There was no six-month-old copy of Home and Garden, this was the real deal. After a few minutes pretending to read a magazine, it was my time to shine. I put on my man bib and I was ready for grooming. Read more

Wowcherching’s perfect SS15 look from ASOS for under £100!


Shop SS15 style for the ultimate lift!

In the midst of AW15 London Fashion Week, we just couldn’t turn our backs on an excuse to shop style on a budget! With sunny optimism and a slight rewind of fashion-forward time, we’ve put together a trendy spring look on a £100 budget, from none other than ASOS!

You can find links to all the pieces mentioned at . Best of all, every purchase from ASOS will earn you 3% cashback; and in the name of fashion, we’ll give you 25% cashback bonus for the rest of London Fashion Week (until 1st March)!

If you’re not yet familiar with how Wowcherching cashback works, click here. In a nut shell, you simply have to click from our website to a retailer’s, i.e. ASOS, and shop as normal. We then track your purchase, and before long you’ll have 3% cashback plus 25% cashback bonus in your Wowcher Wallet, all of which you can spend on Wowcher daily deals; alternatively you can transfer the 3% cashback to your bank or PayPal account!

Caption: Jeans £32 | Jacket £13.50 (reduced from £38) | Top £12

Jeans £32 | Jacket £13.50 (reduced from £38) | Top £12

With a nod to spring’s explosion of denim, we’ve gone for slim leg, high waist jeans, in a 70’s throwback blue; and paired these with a must-have duster jacket, over a high neck, silky black cami – a touch of the ‘90s never goes amiss (see above)!

To accessorise, we’ve gone for black slider sandals, a black mesh shopper and feminine, cat-eye sunnies!

Caption: Sandals £10 | Bag £18 | Sunglasses £12

Caption: Sandals £10 | Bag £18 | Sunglasses £12

Is it all in budget? Of course it is! The grand total of our on-trend outfit came in at just £98!

Perfect your spring wardrobe with ASOS and Wowcherching, and earn 3% cashback plus 25% cashback bonus!

Happy shopping!
Wowcherching x

P.S. if you decide to purchase a mesh bag, please exercise caution where valuables are concerned!

Wowcherching’s Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Love is all around us…

Valentine’s Day… the perfect opportunity to treat your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, fiancé, partner or, let’s just say, special someone who’s yet to make an official title. Play your cards right and buy a gift through Wowcherching, and we guarantee you’ll receive a very happy return – cashback, of course!

For all the remaining singletons, we’d like to dispel the idea that Valentine’s celebrations require an essential other half – you are complete as you are, and deserve to rejoice in love and reap the cashback rewards too! Plus, as Wet Wet Wet (among others) soothingly sang, ‘love is all around you’. In other words, no wallowing, no grumping around, and you have two options: 1) share the love, be it with your lover, friends, family, pet or indeed self, and get cashback; or 2) find the love (of your life), and get up to £60 cashback with eHarmony or up to £45 with!

How does cashback work? You click through to a retailer via our website and shop as normal. We do all the rest for you – any purchases you then make from said retailer will be tracked and before you know it you’ll receive cashback in your Wowcher Wallet plus 10% bonus, all of which can be spent on Wowcher Daily Deals! As a Valentine’s treat, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s retailers which will get you 25% cashback bonus – all the retailers mentioned in this post included!  Read more

New Year, New You!

“Nobody’s built like you, you design yourself” once preached Jay-Z. Whether you’re the master of reinvention or a serial resolution breaker, there’s no time like the present to conquer a new challenge, activity or personal project. Without further ado… Read more

Wowcher Does a Vintage Photoshoot @ Belgravia Studios, Victoria

In search of a quirky new look, my friend and I ditched our usual work attire in favour of 1950s glamour and a whole load of scarlet lippie! On arrival at Belgravia Studios in Victoria, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect – would we suit our retro makeover? How would we take to life in front of the camera? Luckily we had no reason to worry, as we were greeted with a glass of bubbly on arrival (the best way to be greeted, in our opinion!) and introduced to our hair and makeup stylist for the day. We were given the opportunity to request a specific look or style, but we decided to let our stylists take creative control – a short while (and lashings of eyeliner) later, we were rocking a look Marilyn Monroe herself would have been proud of! With glossy red lips, smoky black eyes, victory rolls and curly locks, we were feeling fabulous and beginning to wish we’d been born fifty years before our time! Read more

Wowcher’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Perfume

We’ve all emerged from the perfume shop smelling like an explosion in, well – a perfume shop. Once you’ve spritzed three or four different types, it’s easy to get lost in a cloud of zest and musk and ultimately lose the ability to differentiate between them. Combined with bamboozling talk of base notes, top notes and eau de toilettes, you’re often left wondering how something as simple as scent can become so complicated. Another issue to consider is your perfume style. Just like taste in clothes or music, you’ll find that many people have a certain type of scent they prefer, be it fresh, floral fragrances or spicy, Oriental ones. So where to begin? Wowcher are here to get to the bottom of the jargon and assist you in your hunt for a signature scent… Read more