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Wowcherching’s Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Love is all around us…

Valentine’s Day… the perfect opportunity to treat your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, fiancé, partner or, let’s just say, special someone who’s yet to make an official title. Play your cards right and buy a gift through Wowcherching, and we guarantee you’ll receive a very happy return – cashback, of course!

For all the remaining singletons, we’d like to dispel the idea that Valentine’s celebrations require an essential other half – you are complete as you are, and deserve to rejoice in love and reap the cashback rewards too! Plus, as Wet Wet Wet (among others) soothingly sang, ‘love is all around you’. In other words, no wallowing, no grumping around, and you have two options: 1) share the love, be it with your lover, friends, family, pet or indeed self, and get cashback; or 2) find the love (of your life), and get up to £60 cashback with eHarmony or up to £45 with!

How does cashback work? You click through to a retailer via our website and shop as normal. We do all the rest for you – any purchases you then make from said retailer will be tracked and before you know it you’ll receive cashback in your Wowcher Wallet plus 10% bonus, all of which can be spent on Wowcher Daily Deals! As a Valentine’s treat, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s retailers which will get you 25% cashback bonus – all the retailers mentioned in this post included!  Read more

New Year, New You!

“Nobody’s built like you, you design yourself” once preached Jay-Z. Whether you’re the master of reinvention or a serial resolution breaker, there’s no time like the present to conquer a new challenge, activity or personal project. Without further ado… Read more

It Takes Two To Make Christmas Go Right…


50% off in the Black Friday sales, giant Cyber Monday discounts and 2 for 1 offers in various shops… Christmas today is as much about good will and merriment as it is doubling up and making our money go further in the month of December. And that’s not where the association with the number two ends – there’s turkey and stuffing, pigs and blankets and let’s not forget two turtle doves, eh? Christmas is certainly not an event we want to do solo and never by halves. Make sure you go full steam ahead into everyone’s favourite festive event of the year…

Double Up Your Layers
It’s likely that you’ll get cold over the next month or so. With Christmas markets popping up everywhere from Budapest to Birmingham, more time spent outside is more time to feel the Christmas thrill but also the Christmas chill. Whether you’re having a mulled wine in the open air or trying to keep steady on a pair of ice skates, a few extra layers of winter woollies are vital to keep you feeling merry this winter. Why not grab yourself a pair of knitted mittens with a fur trim to avoid frosty fingers ruining the day? Don’t stress over footing a huge bill however – with cosy fur boots in short, medium or tall, we’ve got plenty up our sleeve to keep you snug without your bank balance suddenly halving in size.

Chic, classically styled and oh-so-cosy, these faux fur-lined boots will be just about perfect for the chilly months ahead...

Chic, classically styled and oh-so-cosy, these faux fur-lined boots will be just about perfect for the chilly months ahead…

Cosy Up…
We’ve all been there over the Christmas period (and sometimes after a Saturday night stint at the local curry house) – you dress in your best, indulge in a feast to put all others to shame, and end up uncomfortably bulging over your new skinny jeans. Why not go cosy from the very start and swap that stiff denim for a pair of stretchy jeggings that are as comfortable as they are stylish (not to mention capable of moving with your expanding sides)? We can’t think of many better excuses to double the indulgence this yuletide. Once the dining has been done, Wowcher’s handy dish drainers are here to ensure it is cutlery rather than your finances that are out to dry.

Just the Two of Us
Christmas is always better with double the numbers. So whether you’re a party of two or responsible for toddlers, babies and grandparents spilling out over the doorstep, make them feel loved – even if they already have what they need. For the person that has everything, why not double up on photo merchandise and get them a pair of mugs that’ll be there to support their caffeine consumption throughout all the seasons of the year? With Carolina Herrera 212 fragrances for men and women on Wowcher this winter, make couples and family members feel doubly as loved with a fragrance they’ll love almost as much as they’ll love the giver of the gift.

A perfect stocking filler for Christmas, Carolina Herrera 212 EDT for women or men was created by the Venezuelan-born fashion designer to represent the style and attitude of men and women in New York City.

A perfect stocking filler for Christmas, Carolina Herrera 212 EDT for women or men was created by the Venezuelan-born fashion designer to represent the style and attitude of men and women in New York City.

So there we have it – doubling up is far more fun than going solo (and if it’s fun you’re after, a certain body stocking and bullet set are sure to provide hours of entertainment, if you catch our drift). Why not multiply your Christmas enjoyment without doubling the spend?

Please note – deals featured may not be live. 

A Little ‘Me’ Time For You!

Ah yes, the planned romantic gesture from your other half – rose petals, scented candles, some aromatic oils and Barry White lilting gently in the background. Then comes the most ham-fisted, bone-crunching, oafish and downright clumsy excuse for a massage you’ve ever, ever had. But simmer down, because there’s no need to plot your revenge just yet. We’ve devised a handy guide to the best places where you can really indulge in a little me-time and untie a few of those knots along the way. One of them could be the perfect way to make it up to you…  Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To Dental Treatments

What do all A-listers have in common? Whether they’re heading to a snazzy film premiere or slapping a selfie on Instagram, they each have that deliciously inviting Hollywood smile: two rows of gleaming gnashers, all straight and shiny.

It’s hardly surprising then, that 32% of us mere mortals (that’s a whopping one third of the UK) feel ‘concerned by the look of their teeth’ – and why shouldn’t we?* Cosmetic dentistry has exploded during the last decade, as well as plenty of on-the-shelf teeth whitening kits, making it more affordable than ever to snatch up a pair of glistening pearly whites. So move over celebs, us girls are getting in on the action, and here’s what to pick from if you do:

Laser Teeth Whitening
Often touted as laser teeth whitening, this celeb led procedure doesn’t typically involve lasers, but is actually down to a nifty chemical compound called ‘hydrogen peroxide’. Once activated by strong light, the ingredient is broken down, which releases oxygen into the inner enamel to promote a whiter tooth appearance. Quick, easy and without the fiddly nature of home whitening kits, this ‘miracle treatment’ can have you in and out of the dentist’s chair in as little as 45 minutes! Lunch break treat? Oh, go on then…

‘Six Month Smiles’ Clear Braces
Sporting tooth-coloured wires for discreet wear, the ‘Six Month Smiles’ method uses clear braces to gently straighten and align your pearly whites over a period of six months. These ingenious braces are barely visible, so you won’t need to feel self-conscious when talking, smiling and laughing. A full consultation with your dentist is usually required, as is a scale and polish and dental hygiene appointment once your braces come off. You’ll also need to return every three to four weeks to have the wires tightened, but don’t worry – that sparkly smile will be worth it!

Dental Implant & Ceramic Crown
A vampy makeup look may get you hot to trot, but a fang-heavy incisor is definitely not one to show off. With a dental implant and ceramic crown, you’ll first get a full dental exam with any necessary mouth x-rays included, plus a cosmetic consultation with your experienced dentist. If all goes well, the procedure then takes place over several sessions, involving a small screw being implanted in the jaw, which is then anchored by natural bone growth. The tooth will be topped off with a ceramic crown, made to match the colour and bite of your teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Easy-to-use home teeth whitening kits can be found on any supermarket shelf, and while they include everything you need to build up a whiter smile, these magic kits can be expensive. Here at Wowcher, you can save a doddle on popular home teeth whitening treatments that include in-depth instructions and a shade guide so you can track the change in colour of your teeth. Whichever kit you choose, each pack contains a savvy formula designed to bust stains from things like coffee, wine and nicotine – leaving you with a smile to be proud of!

Scale, Polish & X-rays
Sparkly gnashers aside, we all need a good mouth clean every once and a while – and according to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 60% of us organised women get our teeth checked regularly.* But for those who might have missed one or two, a scale, polish and x-ray is definitely worth having. These hygiene check-ups begin with an initial consultation, where you’ll get 3D x-rays of your mouth, designed to identify any hidden problems with your teeth, mouth and jaw that can’t be seen with a visual examination. You’ll then receive a teeth scale and polish lasting up to 30 minutes, leaving you with that lovely clean feeling you can only get from the dentist.

So there you have it, five dental treatments that can lift your dull and dreary teeth to glittering perfection. For your chance to snap up some bargain dental deals, simply stay with!

*Statistics sourced from

Cosy Deals, Fit For Autumn, On Long Nights In You’ll Wish You’d Bought ‘em…

“All the leaves are brown and the sky is greyyyyy” so sang The Mamas and the Papas in reference to the coming of autumn. But whilst many fear the onslaught of those grey skies, shorter days and Simon Cowell and Cheryl does-anyone-even-know-what-her-surname-is-anymore’s inescapable TV presence, here at Wowcher we’re embracing the turn of the season. “Why?” We hear you cry, well how about these reasons to name but a few…

Cosy nights in
Sure we all love a night out on the tiles, but several stiletto accidents, pounding headaches and extortionate receipts later and we’re firmly coming round to the benefits of a night on the sofa. With homemade popcorn in hand, a hefty selection of Ryan Gosling films and a cosy duvet clad in brand new striped bedding you’ll forget why you ever saw the benefits of leaving the house to down Tequila shots and whip out your questionable dance moves.

Perfect for a night in with the girls or that special someone, the 2-Litre Fusion hot air popcorn maker brings you unbeatable flavour with minimum prep time.

Perfect for a night in with the girls or that special someone, the 2-Litre Fusion hot air popcorn maker brings you unbeatable flavour with minimum prep time.

Whilst it might not give you the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D, a spot of pampering sure does wonders for those autumnal blues. So get rid of your other half and invite the girls round for a night of gossiping and glamour Wowcher style. Keep it simple and don face masks whilst quaffing budget bubble, or amp up the glam factor with a seriously stylish straightening session courtesy of the Amika pro-style tourmaline straighteners and heatproof styler mat and travel case. Just remember no self-respecting girl’s night in takes place without a strict onesie dress code being enforced…

As beautiful as autumn time can be, blustery winds and heavy showers can cause chaos with your hair. Set things straight with these Amika pro-style tourmaline straighteners.

As beautiful as autumn time can be, blustery winds and heavy showers can cause chaos with your hair. Set things straight with these Amika pro-style tourmaline straighteners.

Dressing like an Eskimo
Whilst Kim Kardashian and co may enjoy the stifling constraints of glamorous clothing and killer heels we’re far fonder of elasticated waists, fleece and pretty much anything that looks like it came straight from your grandma’s wardrobe. And whilst turning up to work in cosy duck down slippers and fleece-lined leggings may result in a meeting with HR, just remember that behind closed doors you’re the queen of your own sartorial destiny!

Prowl like a tiger, hop like a kangaroo or even look classic in Jurassic as a dinosaur in these soft and comfortable fleece onesies!

Prowl like a tiger, hop like a kangaroo or even look classic in Jurassic as a dinosaur in these soft and comfortable fleece onesies!

And if all else fails…
Just close your eyes, crank up the stylish flame-effect fireplace and reassure yourself with the fact that there’s only around 180 days to go until spring will have sprung!

Please note – all deals featured may not be live. But with loads of cosy autumnal deals always being added to the site, make sure you stay with!

Easy to Wear: Summer Hair Trends

At lunch, you choose a new ‘do. You visit Pinterest with a finger clamped in ‘scroll-mode’. Cue streams of pretty haircuts: pixie crops, updos, bob cuts and braids. Tugging at ratty tails, you think, “I could totally pull that off”. Next week you’re in the hairdresser’s chair bound in a black polyester gown, regretting the snap decision, and cursing the day you fell for the charms of the Pin boards. But rash judgements needn’t be bad ones. To help you on your path to ultimate hair vixen, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest hair trends this summer – and which ones are right for you…

Tousled Waves
Tangled, wet-look waves push the mermaid look to new heights. Spritz locks with leave-in conditioner to hold in moisture, delicately finger curling the front for natural edge. Perfect for those with heart-shaped faces.  Read more

Wowcher Gets Pampered at Nature’s Way

Some things in life are inevitable. The sun will rise in the east, the grass is green and, at some point, you’ll find your back knotted up like a pretzel. The latter is particularly true for me.

See, I’m a self-confessed gym addict. Yep, one of those people who bounds out of the house in Lycra at 6am to fit in a sly spin class before work. A good habit, you might think, but coupled with my fondness for sitting in awkward positions and slouching over my PC, it leaves me tenser than Phil Mitchell in a cop shop.

While I typically treat my aches with a cheeky massage from a colleague at lunch, bribing them with tasty baked goods, it just wasn’t quite doing the trick – plus, it was costing me a fortune in cakes. It was time to make a change, so I headed to leafy St John’s Wood for a luxurious full body massage, courtesy of WowcherRead more

Wowcher Does Dotty Style

From the days of ‘What Not to Wear’ to the slightly more invasive ’10 Years Younger’, it’s a fact: the art of reinvention is always ‘in’. Yet, think of the words ‘colour chart’ and your mind will most likely conjure up dodgy shoulder pads and unforgivable yoga ensembles. I decided to discover just how far colour consultations have evolved since the Dulux days of the 80s…

Set in the Hilton’s London Metropole, I was greeted by a sprawling yet decadent 4* hotel. I’ll be honest, as someone whose sartorial inspiration is more Morticia Addams than Miley Cyrus, I was dubious about how my funeral-ready wardrobe would fare in the intimidating world of colour. Do the veins in my arms indicate a blue or yellow undertone? Am I fair skinned or just a victim of winter whitening? Enter Dotty… Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To: Massages

From Swedish to Shiatsu, the minefield of having a massage can be a confusing and overwhelming place. Love the idea of treating yourself but unsure which type to choose? Luckily, Wowcher is here to rescue every damsel in distress! Read more