Bra Fit Q&A with Georgina Horne


It’s rumoured that 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra, and it’s no wonder! From sliding straps, pinching bands, loose cups – or the dreaded double boob – us women have a *lot* to consider when it comes to bra fit. And that’s before we pick the style!

Lucky for us, Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust joined us on Facebook for an hour long Q&A to answer your questions, and give us some expert advice.

Here are her top tips from the Q&A…

1. Just like shoes, your fit in every bra will be different. Be aware that your size will differ in every style and brand. The best way to find out your size is to go to a reputable high street department store and get them to fit you into a few styles.The bra band should be firm enough to take 80% of your breast weight, but not so firm that you can’t fit two fingers comfortably under the band. The straps then take the additional 20% and again need to be tightened to a two finger tension. You should definitely not experience any pain from your bras.

2. If your straps dig in this *could* be a sign that the bra band is too big. Bra straps should take 20% of the weight of your bust and a firm band is needed to give you the majority of support.

3. If your bras make you sore they could be the wrong size. Soreness under the breasts can be caused by a bra band being too big and moving around. It can also be caused by a band being tight and restrictive – we women can’t win!

4. Balance asymmetry with “chicken fillets”. They can be very comfortable to wear and really help give you confidence and an even look. Make sure your bras fit your bigger breast so that you don’t experience any bulging out or spilling over the cup.

5. A sports bra will be tight and restrictive, but unless it is it won’t do it’s job properly. A lot of large department stores stock a good range of sports bras, so go try some on, jump around in the changing room and find one that gives you zero movement. Remember – you should always wear a sports bra to work out in and not your ‘normal’ bra as you may not support your breast muscles properly which can lead to pain and sagging…and who wants that!

You can see the full Q&A on our Facebook page here, here and here.

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