The Best of Graham Norton

Our Graham. Gotta love him. Friday nights just aren’t the same without him and the Red Chair. Well, worry no more, ladies and gents – he’s back, baby! Series 22 (bloomin’ heck Graham!) is due to start on the BBC again on Friday 29th September, which means another however-many months of Friday nights on the sofa for me. With Graham, you can guarantee top celebrity guests week after week and a heap of hilarious stories in the Red Chair, of course. There have been some good laughs over the years of The Graham Norton Show, so here is our guide of the best moments. Let’s start the show!

1 – The Fresh Prince boys re-unite

Without a doubt, the Will Smith dance was an incredible Graham Norton moment. Cheeky chappy Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Carlton all reunited in front of the red sofa, all at the surprise of Graham. The tune sounded so slick on the Graham Norton show. Well done you glorious Fresh Prince-rs.

2 – Matthew Perry does the Friends quiz

Our favourite funny Friend still remembers his Friends trivia. What a lad. Graham quizzes Matthew over the Chandler questions in episode, The One with the Embryos. “According to Chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejeezes out of him?” “Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance”. Matthew nails it. Cue the applause.

3 – Andy Serkis doing the Gollum voice

Andy Serkis – you legend. Not only does Andy teach us how to walk and sound like an ape on the show, but he does the one and only Gollum voice on the red couch. He introduces the music of the evening’s episode, Alison Moyet – and I’m not sure you could get a better intro than that. Boy, I do love Lord of the Rings.

4 – Hugh Laurie rapping

Hugh Laurie’s great, isn’t he? Calm, collected – a cool cucumber. He’s so cool, in fact, he even raps. He used to rap with Stephen Fry in fact. We get to see a wonderful old video of the duo in some right old school gear (that could be quite questionable). The rap was called ‘I’m a Good Ass Motherliker’. “Your swag is on 1000 right now” says Ice-T. Add rap skills to your résumé Hugh. You boss.

5 – Bryan Cranston date video

I’ve always been a Malcolm in the Middle fan and recently finished the Breaking Bad series (yes, I know about five years too late, but better late than never). Before the Tinder swiping days and Cranston acting days, Bryan worked for a company called The Great Expectations. They make a profile and make a video of someone talking about themselves and put them out there in the hope of luuurve. On the couch, we have the adorable Eddie Redmayne, the very posh Benedict Cumberbatch and funny man Bryan doing their own dating video. The lines are “works of art” to quote Graham!

Having watched Graham for years, and managing to snap tickets to be in the live audience for a Dame Judi Dench Graham Norton episode, I for one am very, very excited for Friday. I can’t wait for the guests, the Red Chair and above all just Graham being Graham – he’s a top lad.