Zara Sekhavati

The Lowdown on Red Nose Day


It’s that day full of big red noses again. No, not Christmas and Rudolph’s red nose, it’s March you doughnut. It’s Red Nose Day on the 24th March and it’s approaching more swiftly than you can say Dancer and Prancer. So the big questions are who’s doing what, where can you buy a red nose from, and of course about how you can donate! Here …

The Wowcher Guide to Anti-Valentine’s Days Destinations

Anti-valentines day destinations

That dreaded day of the year is fast approaching, where that little boy Cupid with the nappy and arrow (anyone else find that weird?) will be shooting some of those blasted romance arrows around. The Valentine’s Day cards and all that commercial, plastic pink and red tat is one thing, but what on earth is with the Valentine’s Day holidays? Paris, Venice and Rome, blah …

Wowcher Does the GBBO in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support


Did someone say cake? This week, Wowcherites the world over rejoiced as the Great British Bake Off arrived at the office – hoorah! We at Wowcher always say “let them eat cake”, and also “let them raise money for charity”, so combining the two was the perfect opportunity to have a bake sale in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. The saints at Macmillan provide an …