Steven Riley

How to Survive a Summer Festival


So you’ve woken up early to try and get tickets to your favourite festival… you’ve collected all your mates’ details via WhatsApp and Facebook and organised them with military precision… and you’ve hammered on your keyboard so hard that the F5 button is now in intensive care. But it’s all been worth it – you got the tickets! After the trauma of purchasing a ticket …

A Brief Guide to the Super Bowl LI

Superbowl 2017

This Sunday will see one of the year’s most popular global events hit our screens – Super Bowl LI. With record spikes on Google for people searching, ‘What is LI in Roman Numerals?’ (It’s 51, I definitely didn’t have to check), the game between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will draw in over a hundred million viewers. With Lady Gaga lined up for the …

The Donald Trump Survival Guide


Well. It’s now official. Despite the initial predictions of political experts, misogynistic remarks and allegations of illicit activities, Donald Trump – reality TV star and fake-tan enthusiast – has become the leader of the free world. In what appears to be the single greatest victory in the war against common sense, the United States of America have elected a man who proudly admitted he’d date …