Romi Di Vito

Wowcher’s Guide to Mini Breaks


With the New Year well and truly settled in, but long hot summer days still a distant prospect, it’s fair to say that we’re all looking for an opportunity to escape the winter blues and discover ourselves in 2017. Here at Wowcher, we understand that it can also often be difficult to find time off that coincides with our partner’s schedule, the kids’ holidays or …

Wowcher Does Christmas Jumpers


It wouldn’t be Christmas without festive cheer, mince pies… and, well, exploitation over our somewhat ludicrous decision to comply with the “tradition” that is Christmas jumpers. Nevertheless, as I am sharing an office with elves this year, I am shunning inner humbug and taking part in the tradition for an excellent cause, determined to make myself less of a Grinch. But before what is meant …

Get Your Skelet-On This Halloween!


It sucks when you know you’re too old for trick or treating, but still get more excited than kids when the day arrives. Luckily, God (or someone) invented clubs, house parties, gatherings and most of all, booze, so us ‘adults’ can still have a good time come 31st October. When it comes to costumes there are endless possibilities. Do we impersonate our favourite celeb, team …