Lydia Watson

The Anti-Lent Guide


If you’ve always treated Lent as a second attempt at your New Year’s resolutions (including your yearly effort to stop consuming your weekly allowance of chocolate-based calories during one Netflix binge) then it might be time to give up the good fight. In a world with Trump, Brexit and no Bowie, maybe 2017 should be the year of being kind to ourselves. And what better …

Crumb As You Are: GBBO Is Back!


The perfect series to watch while binge-eating Mr Kipling treats is finally back, the sugared-up show that makes the TV license fee worth paying. It’s everything that makes our nation great: innuendo, cake and doing things in marquees for no discernible reason – it’s The Great British Bake-Off! Take one steely-eyed man who can do wonderful things with his hands (we’re talking pastry), add the …