Ask the London Beauty Queen!


She received the P&G Beauty and Grooming Award for best beauty blog in 2013, and this week Hayley Carr of London Beauty Queen joined us on Facebook to help you with your winter beauty woes!

Here’s what you asked – and how she answered:

Q: I get very dry, cracked skin in the winter, but in the summer my skin is fine. Do you have any suggestions for me?
A: In the winter we need to change our skincare just like we change our clothes – we wouldn’t go out in a bikini at this time of year and expect to be fine! In the colder months the wind and central heating can play havoc with our skin, so you need to be using a face & body moisturiser morning and night. Go for something rich that includes soothing and hydrating ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin E. If you can, slap on the moisturiser when you go to bed and let it absorb fully while you sleep! LBQ xx

Q: Hi Hayley, I have really small thin lips and NO lipstick seems to stay put… I have even tried lipstick lock ‘n seal… xx Thanks in advance.
A: The best tip for getting your lipstick to stay put is to start with a great base – like a primer for your foundation, but for your lips. You can use foundation or concealer, or an actual lip primer to help. Also, using a lip liner and stain to cement the colour on the lips will ensure it stays put for much longer – you should then just have to top up with a bit of lipstick or gloss to keep it looking fab! LBQ xx

Q: Hi Hayley, could you tell me a good make of foundation for my skin tone? I have a pink tinge to my skin and have been using MAC but I’m having to mix 2 different foundations! They are either too light or too dark and the in between colour is beige which doesn’t suit my skin tone?? X
A: This is such a common problem – the way the British High Street works is that we only ever have a limited range of foundation colours to choose from. You can either try mixing a ‘base’ shade with a little bronzer or highlighter to help match your skin tone, or if you’re really struggling there are bespoke ‘foundation matching’ services where a bottle is created just for you to make sure it matches perfectly. However, you should be able to get a great shade match from a department store… I would recommend avoiding MAC if it’s not working for you and investigating some other brands. LBQ xx

Q: My bottom lip is too thin.
A: There are loads of plumping lip balms and glosses available which will subtly give you a bigger pout. Also, try colours with two different tones in them to provide depth and create the illusion of a fuller lip. If you’re really conscious then use a lip liner to (subtly!) draw a slightly bigger outline which can be filled in to make lips look bigger. LBQ xx

Q: What are the best products to use for oily skin? (Moisturisers, foundations etc.). Thanks!
A:¬†You asked for the best products to use for oily skin, but it’s actually vital to understand the reasons your skin is oily first. It may be that your current skincare is irritating your sebaceous glands and causing excess sebum, so that’s a great place to start. However, I’m a great fan of cleansing balms and oils, as they remove excess dirt and grease without stripping the skin and are perfect for oily complexions. Also, try looking for moisturisers that are oil-free as this may help reduce that ‘mid afternoon slip’ we often get on our skin! LBQ xx

Q: How do I get rid of these very dark circles under my eyes? I’ve tried all the expensive concealers but they don’t work x
A: Dark circles are actually the result of dehydration, so you need to up your intake of water and invest in a great eye cream! There are some fab eye creams that are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that can help plump the area and get rid of the dullness we often see as ‘dark circles’. You can also try basic things like cold cucumber or a chilled spoon on the area! Failing that, look for an illuminating and highlighting product for the eye which will reflect the light (rather than just concealing). LBQ xx

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