5 Things to do this Easter

Wowcher Easter ideas

Easter is coming up and that means two things: a sudden influx of chocolate and an extra two days off! But we’re well aware of how that precious time off can just fly past and, before you know it, it’s Tuesday morning and you’re sat at work back at your desk, wondering where the time went. Because of that, we think it’s especially important that you’ve got something super lined up to do, which is why we thought it best to offer up some top tips to ensure you have a beast of an Easter…


1 – Spend some time with the family

It’s been way to long since you had a big get-together, so what better place to spend some quality time with the family than at Easter. Now, just because you’ve organised the entire thing, doesn’t mean you have to do all the cooking (not to mention all the washing up!) as well, so why not treat yourself to a good old fashioned Sunday lunch at the local – click here to see if anywhere near you has been listed as a one of the top ten pubs for grub. Yum!


2 – Spend some time away from the family

As much as we love our family, we fully understand that there’s only so much you can take of Dad’s jokes, Uncle Graham’s magic tricks and cousin Chloe’s crazy antics – so what better way to take some time for yourself than with a spot of R & R? Whether it’s a soothing hot stone massage, a day of pampering at a luxurious spa or revamping your look with a spring styling session at the salon, you’re sure to benefit from a bit of me time.


3 – Hit the town

If you’ve spent the duration of lent on the wagon, then it’s time to jump off (with grace of course) and celebrate those 2 extra days off in style! So stick on that fancy new dress and those shoes you’ve been saving for a special night out and shake your stuff at the classiest gin-joints in town – we can’t help but think these Spice Girl cocktails are the perfect way to add some spice to your nightlife! Of course, going out on the town doesn’t exclusively have to mean a city-wide bar crawl, and what better way than to spend an evening than laughing yourself silly at a stand-up comedy show – we recommend checking out any one of these hilarious comedians if you’re short of an idea or two.


4 – Get away from it all

Many years ago at around this time in the year, a well-known holy guy took an extended ‘break’ in the desert – and thus began a tradition of spending some time away from it all for a few days during Easter. But where to go? Well it depends what you fancy – want to catch some rays lazing by the beach, discover parts unknown or take refuge from city life in the beautiful British countryside? Head to 101 Holidays for some excellent Easter holiday ideas.


5 – Do something different

Someone wise once said, “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” We couldn’t agree any more if we tried, so why not making for a truly memorable Easter holiday and do something that you’ve never been before? Never rolled down a hill in a giant PVC ball? Then Zorbing sounds right up your alley! Ever thought about making your own shoes? Or why not have a go at skydiving for the first time like Sherlock Holmes actor Benedict Cumberbatch did recently? The choice is really yours…