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Archive for April 23, 2014

Wowcher’s Guide to Edinburgh!

With its tall, grey stone buildings, hilltop castle and narrow cobbled streets, Edinburgh is truly a city with a sense of history. The striking old architecture, and the forward planning of the council to restrict the erection of bland modern buildings in the Old Town, means that Edinburgh can truly claim to be one of the most visually striking and beautiful cities in Europe.

The steep hills and dramatic gradient around the city mean that the roadmap of the town necessarily works on several criss-crossing levels, which can confuse the un-initiated traveller. For example, be prepared to enter a building at street level on George IV Bridge, walk down four flights of stairs and leave the building at street level again on Cowgate (this took me several attempts to get my head around). It’s quirks like this that lend the city part of its undeniable charm and make a stroll around the beautiful Old Town feel like walking in an MC Esher print. Read more

Carry On Glamping!

Some people don’t like camping because they say it’s too in-tents, but that’s not even remotely true. There are tonnes of ways you can enjoy the great outdoors this summer, and you don’t have to be Ray Mears or Bear Grylls to do it. Whether you want to go back to basics or you prefer a more glamorous experience, camping caters for all… Read more

Wowcher Does Dotty Style

From the days of ‘What Not to Wear’ to the slightly more invasive ’10 Years Younger’, it’s a fact: the art of reinvention is always ‘in’. Yet, think of the words ‘colour chart’ and your mind will most likely conjure up dodgy shoulder pads and unforgivable yoga ensembles. I decided to discover just how far colour consultations have evolved since the Dulux days of the 80s…

Set in the Hilton’s London Metropole, I was greeted by a sprawling yet decadent 4* hotel. I’ll be honest, as someone whose sartorial inspiration is more Morticia Addams than Miley Cyrus, I was dubious about how my funeral-ready wardrobe would fare in the intimidating world of colour. Do the veins in my arms indicate a blue or yellow undertone? Am I fair skinned or just a victim of winter whitening? Enter Dotty… Read more

Wowcher’s Dating Do’s & Dont’s!

Waiting at a ‘trendy bar’ in High Street Kensington, cosmopolitan in hand, I check my face in the mirrored ash tray. The ‘sultry effect’ I was aiming for looks more bedbound rat than bedhead vixen. ‘Can I really do this?’ I ask myself. What if I get something down my top? Or God forbid, in my teeth?

As you may have guessed, I’m about to endure a meet-and-greet with a complete stranger. Something that Wikipedia calls, ‘a form of courtship done by two people,’ and an act which American psychologist Debby Herbenick warns may cause ‘anxiety-induced stress levels.’ Whichever way you wish to spin it, I’m basically preparing myself for an ‘awks’ blind date. And I’m absolutely bricking it.

Ten minutes in, and I’m already blabbering. “I’m a big, err, fish person,” I hear myself spouting. Clammy hands, flushed cheeks, and a mouth that just keeps on going. I’ve got it all, and it’s not a good look…

So if, like me, you need some tips on how to stay cool, calm and effortlessly collected in the dating game, we’ve compiled a list of dating etiquette rules. Listen, and learn… Read more