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Archive for March 31, 2014

The Blog That Sucks: Wowcher’s Guide to Vacuum Cleaners!

Let’s face it, you can’t expect to be a bona fide domestic goddess (or god, of course) without a vacuum cleaner. Like the ironing board, tumble dryer and 7-in-one-steam mop, a house ain’t quite a home without it. But today’s brave new world of fancy futuristic cylinder vacs, cordless spaceship-like devices and annoying Dyson ads is a wee bit more complicated than back in the day, so you should probably get clued up as to which vacuum is going to work for your home. Good thing you’ve got Wowcher, huh?

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Fitness Fads: Totally Rad or Barking Mad?

In today’s world of sculpted celebrities, post-Olympics guilt and the comeback of the kettlebell, there’s an overwhelming pressure to jump on the fitness bandwagon. Unfortunately, not all of us are bouncing gym bunnies hopping from the treadmill to the cross trainer. Perhaps our tails were clipped at an early age by a callous PE teacher, or the trauma of our school sports days chased us down a rabbit hole, where we vowed never to resurface in a playing field again. But there’s no reason to bring back those childhood ordeals just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A recent upsurge of fitness fads has given us alternative ways to stay active – some wackier than others – which may just stop you from grudgingly registering at the nearest sports centre. We’ll leave you to decide whether these fads are rad, mad or just plain sad… Read more

Wowcher’s Guide To: Earphones

Before we begin, let me ask you a quick question. If you are reading this article at work, in front of a computer screen or on your mobile or tablet, are you doing so whilst also wearing earphones and listening to music? For many of us the answer will be yes. Indeed, as this blog is being written, the melodic sounds of Supertramp’s definitive album ‘Breakfast in America’ are being delivered to my ears via a pair of Sony earbuds.

In the increasingly hectic and noisy world we inhabit, we often find the best way to focus is to block out the world and let our personal choice of music be our only aural sensation. We have become modern-day solipsists, and the earphone is our device to separate us from the external reality. Getting the right type of earphone is crucial to fully enjoying our stolen moments of isolation, away from the invasive bustle of work.

With this in mind, let Wowcher offer you a brief overview of the myriad different kinds of earphone available on the market (and periodically as part of very attractive offers on, cutting through the jargon to let you know what type would suit you best.

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Cracking Easter Bank Holiday Ideas…

Somewhere between hangovers and hot cross buns, Easter leaves little to the imagination for anything but cocoa-induced comas. Yet with four heaven sent days off, it’s official: the first bank holiday weekend of the year is finally on the horizon! That’s 96 hours to do whatever you like, we’ll have you know. So before you eat so much chocolate your blood type becomes Nutella, check out our egg-cellent ideas of how else you can release some endorphins this Easter! Let’s get cracking…

Head to the big top

Roll up, roll up! Why not trade your Sunday best for an outfit of the showgirl variety? Perhaps not, but this spring there’s only one way to be entertained – by tightrope, of course. Forget evenings at the Odeon and head to the big top to give yourself something other than Gosling to gawp at. Marvel at aerial stunts, be astounded by daredevils and enjoy an array of acrobats. With a variety of travelling circuses amazing audiences across the country, there’s no excuse for clowning around. Cracking stuff! Read more

Wish You Were Here?

It’s that time of year again: having finally abandoned your New Year’s diet AND managed to find your loved one a suitable Valentine’s present, we’re beginning to focus on the future. And with the sun (albeit occasionally) peeking out from behind the clouds, summer holidays are on the horizon – but where to go? Whether it’s the Peak District or Peru, we’re always up for an adventure here at Wowcher, which is why we’ve compiled our list of alternatives to lying by the pool… Read more

Food for Thought

romantic dinner

Are you getting a little fed up with your traditional restaurant options? Italian getting irritating? French getting frustrating, Thai getting tiresome or Mexican getting a bit, well, meh? Luckily, there’s a whole world of alternatives cropping up for you to chow down on. Yes, apparently food is the latest hot new thing (who’d have thought it?), with culinary kings and queens all over the country clamouring for the latest on-trend cuisines.  Read more