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Archive for January 29, 2014

Wowcher takes on Berlin!

Like many European cities, Berlin is shrouded in history yet buzzing with hipsters, beer halls and all-night raves. So what makes this city different to all the others reachable by EasyJet? Earlier this month, my boyfriend and I headed to Germany’s capital to find out. With a third of the city comprising of parks, forest, gardens and lakes, you certainly feel a sense of openness despite being in Germany’s second-largest city. We had no trouble filling our time – whether you spend a day walking the winding River Spree to Museum Island for your culture-dose, or visiting the vibrant East Side Gallery where the walls and buildings are a montage of history, art and energy, there’s certainly something for everyone. After meeting the friendly residents and experiencing the wonderland that is the nightlife, I’m hardly surprised everyone’s raving about Berlin…

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Astrologist Marjorie Orr Answers Your Questions


She accurately predicted Prince William’s wedding date and Liz Hurley’s marriage split, and this week renowned astrologist Marjorie Orr joined us on Facebook to answer your questions!

Here’s a roundup of what we can all expect in the coming months, based on her answers from the Q&A:

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Ferocious crooner Tina Turner once sang these famous words, and as the season for increased romance loometh near, we can’t help but agree with her. We may sound bitter, we may sound jaded, but au contraire dear readers, we’re just being practical. Although we have nothing against emotions per se, ask yourself this question: when love fades, the chemistry fizzles and the butterflies cease to flutter, what will you be able to point to?

Through many generations, women have been giving it up merely for a simple dinner and a declaration of eternal love, but in our opinion, empty calories do not a lasting relationship make. A wise man once said, “the best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and the bees – I want money,” and boys, you ought to take heed. If you’re reluctant to dole out lump sums of cash, we’re not fussy; we also accept jewellery in lieu. So if you’ve had the pleasure of being jabbed with Cupid’s arrow but you’re stumped for gift ideas, show her you care with diamonds and pearls – or just Swarovski Elements, because let’s face it, we’re not made of money…

The Sky’s the limit…

With the wintry weather in full swing and New Year’s having a strong hold on your purse strings, we’re forced to look for new ways to keep the family entertained. We’ve replaced bar stools with sofas and blankets and glasses of wine with hot water bottles and tea, but unfortunately some of us are woefully unprepared for all this free time indoors. Dad’s one-man hand puppet show actually makes the bitter outdoors look like an attractive option, Twister seems to result in one too many strained muscles and afternoons with Monopoly tend to end in bloodshed. Luckily, there’s no need to watch elderly relatives mime Free Willy in painfully embarrassing games of Charades because there’s plenty of favourites back on telly this year!

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Take our word for it – the cat’s pyjamas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They’re far too small, incredibly difficult to fit all our limbs into and boast a tuna-odour that makes us feel like we’re sleeping with the fishes. We’d rather leave that to the Sopranos, thanks.

Thermalwear pyjamas on the other hand, well we’re big fans of that here at Wowcher. After all, the bedroom is the last place you want to be battling the elements! Zuzi’s Thermawear PJs are the perfect remedy to a chilly chamber, keeping you warm and cosy thanks to its fancy-pants thermal material. And if Old Man Winter should creep his withered old behind into our boudoir, at the very least he’ll see us wearing something stylish, as opposed to the double duvet look you’ve been sporting for the last couple of months or so…

Fancy a pair of your own? You know where to go