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Archive for September 26, 2013

Diet and Weight Management Q&A with Dr Sarah Schenker


Bikinis may have been firmly put away for this year, but many of us are still fighting a losing battle with the bulge. Lucky for us nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker joined us on Facebook for an hour long Q&A to answer your diet and weight management questions with some expert advice.

Here are her top tips from the Q&A: Read more

A night to (big) top all others…



Most Friday nights tend to revolve around a few glasses of wine, but last week we put down the bottle and opted for an evening of back flips, bikes and a whole lot of nail-biting. Any guesses? Yep – the circus was in town and thanks to Wowcher, we rocked up eager for entertainment – and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Gerry Cottle’s circus boasts an impressive 50 acts in just 100 minutes, meaning the talented performers barely grabbed a breather in between high energy routines. From limbos of fire to impressive bungee aerobics, there was no end of variety on show, plus plenty of cringing from behind our hands as a single slip would have surely resulted in catastrophe. Our money was certainly well spent on an adrenaline-filled evening we won’t forget soon. Is it too late to re-train and run away with the circus?

What to expect when you’re expecting? Q&A with Dr Denis Walsh


Itchy skin, embarrassing symptoms, mood swings, breastfeeding worries… There’s a lot going on when there’s a baby on the way. So expert midwife Denis Walsh joined us for an hour-long Q&A on our Facebook page to answer your pregnancy questions!

However, before the Q&A began a bit of a debate kicked off about whether or not men should be midwives. Dr Denis stepped in, saying:

“You are right, a male midwife cannot ‘fully understand’ but from my experience and that of other male midwives, most women want kindness, compassion and empathy, plus knowledge so I think we get pretty close to that in comparison, say to a female midwife who has not had children.”

Debate aside, here’s what the expert midwife had to say to our Facebook fans: Read more