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Archive for July 30, 2013

Bonjour, Paris!

View on Paris at sunsetWhen it comes to romance, fine dining and amazing sights there’s only one city worth visiting…

While the Eiffel Tower is great and the Louvre is a must, we’ve got the insider’s scoop on what to see and do in the city of love.

Part sleepy suburb, part industrial centre, the 10th Arrondissement is where it’s at in Paris right now. Not only has it got booming nightlife (courtesy of the neighbouring 11th, home to venues such as Le Caveau des Obliettes, 5* on Trip Advisor, and Pop In, 4* on Google+ Local reviews), but it’s also go great cafes, boutique shops and cyclist-friendly streets.

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No Damsels in this Dress…

midi dress

Since the dawn of time, whether we look at Greek mythology or Walt Disney, you’ll note that tales have been told about the proverbial damsel in distress; a hapless woman unable to fend for herself but rather awaiting saving from a knight in shining armour. After careful analysis, we’ve noticed a recurring theme amongst these lasses (other than their blinding idiocy – why on earth did Snow White accept food from a stranger?) was their cumbersome clothing. Helen of Troy, Sleeping Beauty, the lot of them all wore flowing gowns that restricted movement and made saving oneself somewhat of a difficult task. However, we’ve got news for them – it’s 2013 now and the hem lines are shorter, the materials thinner and the designs are fitting as opposed to flowing.


Case in point being the ClubL midi dress; sexy, stylish and most importantly not in the slightest bit restrictive. Fair enough the modern woman may not face the same type of danger and there may be no dragons to flee from, however, the salient point remains – there are no damsels in this dress. If you need further convincing, here’s a list of powerful women that favour ‘the midi’:

1. First Lady Michelle Obama
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Nicole Scherzinger (and if you recall ‘she don’t need a man’) Coincidence? We think not…

Join the list of powerful anti-damsels and get your hands on a man-free midi today

A trip to the south coast…

wowcher Eastclose Country House

Rumoured to have been the place where Lewis Carroll dreamt up Alice in Wonderland, Eastclose Country House, New Forest blends Georgian opulence with a cool, contemporary twist. Not to mention, it is rated 4* on Trip Advisor!

One of the New Forest’s hidden delights, Eastclose Country House is set in 18 acres of green parkland and lays claims to the Conqueror Restaurant and Bar, which is also rated 4* on Trip Advisor.

But if you do visit, don’t just stay in the hotel – make the most of one of England’s most stunning areas of natural beauty. Here’s what we suggest…  Read more

I believe that is called ‘Al Fresco’ – Afternoon Tea @ The Thistle Hotel


Although I cannot in full honesty say that the sun was in the sky, the fluctuating London weather did not in any way subtract from our excursion to the Thistle Hotel. ‘Luxury’ and ‘decadence’ were just two of the words that spring to mind, accompanied only by the phrase ‘attentive customer service’. With two locations tucked away amidst the tourist hotspot that is Piccadilly Circus, the Thistle Hotel presented not only divine décor but a sumptuous spread of delicacies. Having the opportunity to sample both afternoon tea and the lunch time menu, I was overwhelmed with an explosion of rich flavours.

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Summer Beauty Q&A with Sarah Stacey


It’s getting hot hot hot out there! And while we’re loving the beach days, lunchtime picnics and outdoor BBQs, we’re facing a whole heap of beauty problems. Our foundation is melting, our hair is getting dry and our toes? Well, they looked much better in boots…

To help you lot sort yourselves out (ok, we asked a question, too!), we had Sarah Stacey, award-winning journalist and joint editor of the Beauty Bible, host a Q&A on the Wowcher Facebook page so you could get some expert advice.

Here’s what you asked, and what she had to say about it. Read more

Anyone for a cocktail?


Ever since Mrs. Julius S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis, Missouri threw the first one all the way back in 1917, the cocktail party has become a mainstay of the summer social calendar. In fact, we can’t even begin to imagine celebrating summer without a cocktail in hand – but with so many to choose from, we couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. So instead, we thought we’d take a trip round Wowcher Towers and ask a few of our resident party animals what cocktail floats their boat…

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