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Archive for March 26, 2013

5 Things to do this Easter

Wowcher Easter ideas

Easter is coming up and that means two things: a sudden influx of chocolate and an extra two days off! But we’re well aware of how that precious time off can just fly past and, before you know it, it’s Tuesday morning and you’re sat at work back at your desk, wondering where the time went. Because of that, we think it’s especially important that you’ve got something super lined up to do, which is why we thought it best to offer up some top tips to ensure you have a beast of an Easter…

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5 Ways to Treat Mum this Mother’s Day

Whilst flowers and a homemade card are great, we think Mum deserves something a little more special after all those years of delicious dinners, cups of tea and (unheeded!) advice. Whether you fancy treating her to a spot of afternoon tea in London or a spa day in the Midlands, we’ve got some great ideas for Mothering Sunday…

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